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A quote that stuck out for me was "I wonder if every exercise in mapping is such a good thing" From the sound mapping section. I believe it is a question that should be considered when mapping new territories and searching for enlightenment. Once we are made aware of ambient or underlying things that have gone unnoticed all around us we get to both enjoy their existence(the knowledge of) but also are cursed to be aware of them from then on after, which has the potential to be both good and daunting.

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Responses to my memo.
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A trend I started to notice after all of the sticky notes were posted was this; near the middle of the board(our middle school years) there were not as many science/writing experiences. This may only apply to me but looking back on those middle years I realized that I  was too focused on acceptance and conformity to have many science or writing experiences like in high and elementary school. This leads me to believe that one must be somewhat already satisfied with their basic identity as a person before they can explore their identity as a writer/science learner.
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