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Just discovered this new book of interest to our team:
Yang, Sharon Q., author.: Emerging technologies for librarians : a practical approach to innovation / Sharon Q. Yang, LiLi Li.. Amsterdam : CP/Chandos Publishing, [2016]. xiii, 285 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm..

Main topics include:
LMS; discovery tools; metadata; semantic web; mobile; digitization; digital library; online instruction; virtual reference; social media marketing; web design; web content management; software tools for assessment; altmetrics; online collaboration tools.

Pondering the terms we've stumbled on so far relating to the type of project we're working on. I'm going to list a few here, and if you think of others, please add to the comments. Also, if you have links to methods documents feel free to add those in the comments also. Thanks!

Disruptive technologies
Emerging technologies
Emerging technologies forecasting
Forecasting and foresight technologies
Horizon scanning
Monitoring for anticipation
Patent landscape reports
Persistent forecasting
Prediction horizon
Tech mining
Tech scanning
Technological forecasting
Technology environmental scan
Technology foresight
Technology futures
Technology monitoring
Trend forecasting
Trend foresight

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TO DO (and notes from today's meeting, such as it was)

Following the crash of my THIRD device, and people being kicked out of the meeting several times, we elected to reschedule today's team meeting for early next week. People seemed to favor Tuesday, and some folk had classes starting on Wednesday (which is chaos).

On Tuesday, I could do 9:30ET or 2pm. Whichever works for people. Or I can do both, if that makes it easier. Just pick whichever one works for you, and I'll plan to show up both times.

Trying to get this finished, so please, EVERYONE help, ok? Especially since this is for publication!

Bibliography now updated and formatted.

There are approximately 30 citations listed. I'm taking the one that is a book, because our topic is spread throughout the whole thing, and it's going to be a real chore. Can the rest of you divide it up? Take 6-7 each, put your initials by the ones you pick so that everyone else knows they are taken, and then if we don't have enough people, we'll assign more.

PDFs of articles:

If the articles you need are not in there, either download and post to share, OR holler that you need help getting them, and we'll see if one of us can supply to the team. For ease of finding, please use the naming convention:


Draft version of our article in progress:


A) Select article from Bibliography.
B) Skim/read article, scanning for these topics:

1) What is emerging tech?
2) Why medlibs need to know
3) EmTech Search process and concepts development
4) Emerging Tech search a) Process b) Challenges / Common issues c) Refinement

C) Assign categories to the article as appropriate. An article may be in more than one topic category.
D) Copy & paste a snippet or excerpt from the article to support the category assignment, and paste it into the appropriate section under the Literature Review portion of the article.


See you all hopefully on Tuesday!

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MINUTES: August 19:


Global project survey
Updated Team 6 project bibliography
Our presentations updated <>
Lightning round slides <>
Add any other local presentations to presentations list
MLA submissions deadline is October 10
September - text mining skills building

revising lit review section of article
finalize article
submit article

Article Draft: <>

1) What is emerging tech?
2) Why medlibs need to know
3) EmTech Search process and concepts development
4) Emerging Tech search ProcessChallenges / Common issues Refinement
4) Emerging Tech search a) Process b) Challenges / Common issues c) Refinement

look at articles assigned (Bibliography at end of article draft)
assign to one or more categories (1, 2, 3, 4a, 4b, 4c)
snip quotation to support assignment
paste snippet in matching section of article

Aug 26: finalize lit review section of article
Sept 2: finalize methodology section of article
Sept 9: format article for publication
Sept 16: review and submit article
Sept 23: text mining webinar with Justin Schell (maybe)
Sept 30: draft MLA abstract for submission
Oct 7: draft MLA abstract for submission

DARPA's take on the emerging tech of importance in the next thirty years.

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Must see!! 
Pokémon GO can be more than just a game. Watch how the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital has transformed the patient care experience.


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Moon, Mercury and Venus Above the Pacific
Yuri: "This afternoon we were so lucky to witness truly amazing scene—Moon and Mercury in close dance just above bright Venus soon after the sunset. :) I took an image and you can see how Mercury was actually close to the Moon. At some point I also noticed a strip of light clouds passing by, and I waited few moments until it crossed the Moon producing some nice reflection. I hope you will enjoy the view..."

Credit: Yuri Beletsky
Location: Atacama, Chile
Image Date: August 4, 2016

+Yuri Beletsky 

#Astronomy #Space #Science #MilkyWay #Galaxy #Stars #Mercury #Venus #Moon #Earth #Chile #Atacama #Desert #SouthAmerica #Astrophotography #Photography #Panorama #Art

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Awesome discussion with leading voices of healthcare emerging technologies 

PS - In last week's call I promised to do a bunch of things ASAP, and then had a bad fall later that day. Today is the first day I've felt functional, so, guess what? No meeting this week, and I'll get to that email and post by this Friday. Sorry! 

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Very cool find, if you're interested! Museums emerging tech trendswatch: 

2012: Crowdsourcing | Threats to Nonprofit Status | Mobile, Pop-up Experiences | Alternate Funding | Creative Aging | Augmented Reality | New Educational Era 

2013: Trends in Philanthropy | 3-D Printing | Microcredentialing | The Internet of Things | Disconnecting from Digital Experiences | The Urban Renaissance

2014: Social Entrepreneurship | Multisensory Experiences | Big Data | Privacy | The Sharing Economy | Robots

2015: Open Data | Ethical Consumerism | Personalization | Rising Sea Levels | Wearable Technology | Slow Culture
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