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Myra Lowe (Lowecat on Twitters) <Wanderingchat on>
Myra Lowe (Lowecat on Twitters) <Wanderingchat on>


I lost my best friend to cancer. Her blog is called My LMS adventure and can be found on bogspot. Here is the final entry

An epilogue.

Julie's adventure with LMS ended peacefully on 9 Oct, 2017. She was at home, her mother and roommate were with her. She fought the fight well.

The last time she and I visited was when she drove back to indy to bring her daughter a car. Julie stayed with us and visited friends. It was after her 1st go round with the cancer fighting drugs. It is a visit I will treasure.

Julie and I met in 1979 and became friends instantly. We became closer than sisters. We had our outs at times, but we were there for each other, good and bad.

Julie left this blog as a resource for fellow LMS travelers. It's part guide book, part resource. To say it has an unhappy ending is a misnomer and a dis to Julie. Yes, she died, and my world is darker without her. But she LIVED the rest of her remaining days with a go get it attitude. May this blog help others starting the journey she completed. May it give your help, may it give you peace.

For you, Julie, this blog didn't suddenly end.

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Easter Reflections
It's been awhile since I wrote anything in this blog; mainly because I was hesitant to write much of anything since one family member has a tendency to 'rat me out' to my aunt on the things I post.  Some of my blogs have really unnerved her, so I took a bre...

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Three Years
Tomorrow marks three years since Daddy died. Sometimes it feels like forever, but more often than not it seems as fresh as if it had just occurred.   Today I took Tig, the Honda, on a long ride.  I thought about how Daddy loved working out of doors at the g...

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Why Indiana's RFRA is Wrong
The DH (Dear Husband, aka Damn Husband, depending on the situation), raised an interesting question to me the other day about Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act that our governor signed into law this week.  He asked me if I thought Daddy would be f...

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Happy Brithday Daddy
Today would've been Daddy's 87th birthday.   Today marks the third birthday without him.  It's no easier to mark this day than the first birthday after his death, the first Christmas, etc.   I hear him in the way I cough and sometimes in the way I answer th...

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My Christmas Message in Mewsic
From one of my favorite mewsicians, the original Phantom of the Opera, Michael Crawford.  Meowy Christmas to all y'all!   Myra 

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Cat Cruises to Chillicothe
I've heard a lot about the Easyriders' Rodeo in Chillicothe, OH over the last few years, especially after Sons of Anarchy came out, and many of the stars made appearances there.  It's a three day event held at the Ross County Fairgrounds.  You could almost ...

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An Open Letter to the Creatives I follow/follow me
Who hasn't been shocked by the sad news about comedian/actor Robin Williams' apparent suicide?  A minority, to be sure.   The man was brilliant.  Sure, he got a wee bit salty in his live stand up.  Lots of comedians did and still do.  But he was funny even ...

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What Biker's Code?
A good friend of mine was injured in a bike wreck several weeks ago.  All y'all can read about it here, then come back.  I'll wait. Welcome back.  The motorcyclist an...
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