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Glenn Switzer
Imagine. Dream. Create. Design. Build. Do. ~ Landscape Designer & Event Designer
Imagine. Dream. Create. Design. Build. Do. ~ Landscape Designer & Event Designer


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Knock it off...

Thanks Teri!
Knock it off...

Sound like a parent talking to their kids in the backseat? It's really about knocking off snow and ice from trees

What to do. My friend Glenn Switzer of The Gardens of Castle Rock shares his thoughts!
#GardenBite +Glenn Switzer #wintertreecare

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Minnesota local... add this web designer to your short list.

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Field dressing of sorts... the 5’ diameter log was a little heavy for the 785 #NewHollandSkidsteer so we cut it in half... 36” bar on #066stihl +STIHL for scale... #RealStihl #slabwood looking forward to slabbing this log out with +Ben Finley ... for now it’s off to the #logyard

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Best check this one out... no one wants to be left out of a Google local pack...
What factors could filter your business right out of Google's local packs, and how can you prevent that from happening? Sherry Bonelli of Early Bird Digital has the answers you need.

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A timely, relevant post...
Your Social Media Audience Matter More Than You Think!

If your audience on social media is mostly "zombies" than it doesn't matter how good your own reputation is. You'll have trouble penetrating to that next circle of people who don't know your brand yet. Find out why, and what you can do about it, in our video!

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"This is the mistake 99% of companies make in their messaging."

Excellent info for any content marketing strategy...

Great share by Jedi Knight of dig marketing himself... thanks +Landscape Leadership
See How Easily You Can Use These 5 Elements of Storytelling to Sell More Work

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always so much to do before...don't say it... IT SNOWS
Grab bag of gardening - more October to-do's and don'ts

Have you gone plant sale shopping recently and now you don’t have time to plant? Don’t panic. Should I prune now?

Along with perennial plants, there are perennial questions that, sometimes, the answers change!
#GardenBite #Octoberplantcare #fallgardening

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If you find yourself in Paris, you coul meet Veronique Mauclerc, tour her bakery, and try some of her delectable, wood-fired creations, all for only 9 euro.

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Vines for (part) shade

The caveat to “vines for shade”, is that they all need SOME sun. That said, here are some lovely options.

There are some great choices on Garden Bite!
#GardenBite #vinesforshade #vineswithflowers

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I don't know... let's ask Siri
Google should combine the Google Assistant app for iOS in the Google Search app...
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