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I am here for this, that and whatever.
I am here for this, that and whatever.

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Today, it was 12C in Toronto. On my first outing, I was overdressed and sweated. On my second outing, I wore a sweat top instead of my winter coat and no hat - was much better. There was a wind which made it feel like 10C but it felt "warm". I remember a time not so long ago when I was uncomfortably cold at 10C - oh the frailty of the body and mind. The weather forecast calls for a few days of warm weather with rain later on next week. I'm hoping all the snow gets melted and washed away.

The picture was taken with my ZenFone 3 while I was testing one of my latest apps which I am developing. That 'Found It' in the middle of the street 8 meters away will soon be replaced with something more meaningful in the context of a storyline which has yet to be written.

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Assad says some refugees are 'definitely' terrorists.

Options to ponder:
- Believe the media when they tell you Assad is lying.
- Believe the government when they tell you there are no terrorists amongst the Syrian refugees entering the country.
- Do not believe those who propose that it is imperative to screen and review visitors, refugees and immigrants incoming to the country.

I don't lock my doors. Everyone is welcome to visit my place. I trust everyone equally.

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This is very encouraging.

Is it sensible to:
- Decrease public sector spending in order to increase private sector opportunities.
- Have less government debt rather than more.
- Have smaller governments and bureaucracy.
- Eliminate the BDC.
While they are at it, they should eliminate funding for the CBC. It is 2017.

Detractors might push back with:
- We don't want heavy industry and its pollution.
- We like government assistance.
- We want to attend university for higher education and incur debt with dim prospects for getting a job.
- We like government grants. With every grant received, we get really good at the grant submission process. We don't need to focus on profits.

The people will decide in the next election.

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This is very interesting.

Why are my tax dollars used to fund the CBC? Overpaid idiots asking irrelevant questions. It would be really interesting to see how the CBC would do in a free market environment with zero government funding.

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Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot
Australia rejected 2,500 refugees from 'Terrorism Hotspots' and the U.S. will take them in subject to extreme vetting. Morality and empathy over logic.

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Katie Melua - Nine Million Bicycles

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Beautiful song - Katie Melua The Walls Of The World

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Mexico will build a wall on its southern border and Guatemala is going to pay for it.

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For those opposed to the idea of country border walls, why do you have a fence separating your property from that of your friendly neighbors?
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