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Most time, I write.
Most time, I write.


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Penamatnya Mabrur
Semalam 13 Ogos 2017, cerpen ini disiarkan oleh Berita Harian Singapura. Setahun saya tidak menulis cerpen. Akhir sekali (kalau tak salah) Ogos 2016. Dalam rangka setahun ini kenapa saya tidak keluarkan cerpen? Saya puji sangat penulis yang mampu menulis be...

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Such a deer.
I never expect the first night of our trip to Hokkaido (29 June to 2 July 2017), when we stayed Sahoro Hotel that it was one of the Club Med chain-hotel. Club Med being an international chain-hotel, unlike local-run hotels in Japan, caters to the special ne...

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Bunga Putat, Sagaribana, Barringtonia
It's the peak of summer (July 2017) and that means the peak of Sagaribana blossoms in Okinawa. Before this, I always missed viewing the blossoms closely but last night, hubby drove to the housing areas around Shuri Castle. On one stretch of there were many ...

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Walking routine
After I came back from the Hokkaido trip, I started to do morning walk for 30 mins. everyday. Every morning I see this man sweeping the sidewalk. I think he owns a shophouse. He washes the parking lot in front of his shop, then he cleans the whole length of...

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Shirakaba (White Birch)
On my trip to Hokkaido recently, I noticed shirakaba trees lined up the highways of Hokkaido. I thought the white tone is only on the outer bark of the tree but upon closer inspection in during one of the walks in the garden trails, I found out the white co...

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Siaran haiku
Kumpulan haiku dari salah seorang anak didik saya. Nama pena Jepun saya beri Hasa-Ari-Hassan ( Hassan Hasaa'Ree Ali ) Kumpulan haiku ini ditulis dalam bentuk satira. Setiap rangkap memenuhi syarat kigo yang sempurna.  Terima Kasih  Berita Harian Singapura  ...

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Iwakuni Trip
My son has worked in Iwakuni for just a year now. He started working there since 5 March 2016. We decided to pay him a visit. I wanted to see the place where he stays. So, we made the trip on from 7th to 9th April 2017. We did not make any trip together sin...

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Birthday Video letter
When you far away from children and grand kids, video letter or WiFi call are the best way to communicate. Yesterday, my grand kids sent me their birthday greetings.  This is from Mi chan. Then this is from Ken, Yuri and Ryo chan. Actually, I opt for video ...

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I woke up this morning at 3.30 am to take my Ramadan breakfast. Then opening my homepage, I saw this moving lighted candles. Lately, I did notice Google putting up various themes of the day like Valentine Day, Halloween and stuff like that. I kept wondering...

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Projek penyelidikan Azlansyah Aman
12 Mei 2017 Semalam saya ke Muzium arkioloji bersama seorang pelajar dan berjumpa dengan seorang pegawai muzium berkenaan projek penyelidikan itu. Azlansyah membawa salam daripada beberapa orang kawannya yang kenal saya lewat blog ini. Waalaikumusalam kepad...
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