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Lane Diamond
Author, Managing Publisher/Editor - Evolved Publishing
Author, Managing Publisher/Editor - Evolved Publishing

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Check out these 5 fantastic NEW RELEASES:

MIDDLE GRADE FANTASY (For Kids 9-13 Years Old)
Frendyl Krune and the Blood of the Sun by Kira A. McFadden

Wind Catcher (Chosen - Book 1) by Jeff Altabef Author and Erynn Altabef Author

EPIC FANTASY (For Readers 16 and Up)
The Soulbound Curse - Part 1 by Kira A. McFadden

ROMANTIC FANTASY (For Readers 16 and Up)
Moon Dust - A Short Story by Pavarti K Tyler - Author
Two Moons of Sera by Pavarti K. Tyler

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Author Steven Greenberg joins Evolved Publishing.

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Author David Hagerty joins Evolved Publishing.

Having visitors (happens a lot here in Las Vegas) is a major distraction, keeping me from getting my work done (at least as MUCH work as I need to get done), but it's also a pleasant distraction at a time when I was feeling a bit burned out. I needed the break, to refresh and re-motivate myself.

How about you? How long can you put in the crazy hours, working the day job, tending to home and family/friends, sneaking in some writing time either early in the morning or late at night, before saying, "Enough! I need a break!"?

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The Evolved Publishing Team is expanding again. Cool beans!


We're pleased to announce that author Marlin Desault has joined Evolved Publishing. We'll be publishing a 3-part (for now) science fiction series called THE PANHELION CHRONICLES, starting with the first book, SHROUD OF EDEN, this coming summer.

Please join us in welcoming this talented new author to our team.

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From Evolved Publishing:

The "Bird Brain Books" by +Emlyn Chand are now available as eBooks exclusively through Amazon. As a result....

...if you're a KindleUnlimited subscriber, you can get each of these eBooks, regularly priced at $3.99, absolutely FREE as part of your subscription!

So... if you haven't yet tried this hybrid series for your little ones age 3 and up, now is the perfect time.

What makes them "hybrid"? Well, they're part picture book and part chapter book, designed not only to delight children with fun stories supported by fun illustrations, but also to stretch their understanding of language and concepts. We think challenging your kids, helping them to grow, while at the same time entertaining them, is the best of both worlds.

Courtney Saves Christmas:
Davey the Detective:
Honey the Hero:
Izzy the Inventor:
Larry the Lonely:
Polly Wants to be a Pirate:
Poppy the Proud:
Ricky the Runt:
Sammy Steals the Show:
Tommy Goes Trick-or-Treating:
Vicky Finds a Valentine:

And of course, all these children's picture books are available in full color, 7" x 10" print versions -- hardcover or paperback.

Sorry, but I've been woefully neglectful of this page. It's so hard to keep up with social media at 6 different sites when I have more work already than I seem to be able to complete on deadline. I shall endeavor to do a little better. In fact, I'll share some good news for Amazon KU subscribers, who have kids/grandkids age 3-8, shortly.

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One of my favorite paragraphs from "Forgive Me, Alex," a suspense thriller with a psychological edge - serial killer, vigilante justice, and great characters (I hope you'll agree):  :)
Circumstances change, roads turn, and life occasionally heads off down its own path, like the impetuous child who turns and says, "Come on, hurry up!" That's how I feel, as if chasing after my own life, unsure where it's going but cautiously hopeful. Contentment remains hidden—my elusive desire. In my entire adult life, I've been unable to cast it from the shadows. It's there, I know—waiting, perfectly camouflaged in the vagaries and machinations of everyday life. I have merely to reach out and grasp it.

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One more day to SAVE $2.00 on the eBook of SILENT WORDS by +Chantal Fournier and +Nicolas Lajeunesse . This amazing children's picture book is simply gorgeous, and the story is perfect for all kids, but especially those dealing with a personal loss. Marked down from $3.99 to $1.99 for one more day. Grab yours today!

Barnes & Noble:


"The graphics in this book are better than Disney."

"Silent Words Speak Loudly!"

"Great book for children in mourning. I am giving this book a very heartfelt 5/5."

"Often as parents we don’t realize that our children’s fears are rooted in those desires that we all have for love, home, acceptance and security. This takes that issue and deals with it head-on in an entertaining way, that doesn’t overwhelm children with either their fears or the solution. Zelda is easy for them to understand, and the illustrations cleverly mix the familiar with the fantastic."

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Help us spread the word and make our Thunderclap roar! It's quick & easy. <3 ‪#‎EPStreet‬
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