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ARMS is shaping up nicely!
Last night Nintendo broadcast their ARMS focused Direct and it's looking rather promising! There's been some concern and hype for Nintendo's new IP. the two primary concerns for ARMS are controls and content. Last nights Direct certainly addressed the later...

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Sonic Forces Unveils Third Character!
Sonic Forces has been getting a lot of attention. After all, it is basically a sequel to Sonic Generations, one of the few modern Sonic games that showed the character still has worth.  There's been teasing for some time now that Classic and Modern Sonic wi...

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ARMS Direct Incoming!
Nintendo recently released their E3 plans which involved a direct style "Nintendo Spotlight" so you'd think they would be done for the time being?  WRONG! Upcoming motion (non-motion too) fighting game ARMS is getting a dedicated Nintendo Direct tomorrow (T...

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Phantom Dust Remaster Tomorrow
Phantom Dust is a weird game for us at GKUK, as we hear about it often online but have no idea the game was even a thing when we had the original Xbox. So as you can imagine the hype of the announcement of a remake completely slipped us by as did the sense ...

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Rumour: Nintendo bringing Zelda to Mobile?
Nintendo has had mixed success with its mobile games. The first Miitomo was nice but wasn't a true game, Super Mario Run was a quality release but it's price stopped mobile gamers picking it up, and Fire Emblem managed to do well with mobile and core gamers...

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New Releases 15th-21st May
Yes, we're back but let's ignore that for now and check out some this week's new releases that we think are worth a look. May 16th The Surge  (£39.99)- Xbox One & PS4 Coming from the makers of Lords of the Fallen (possibly the best non 'From Software' souls...

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Nintendo Switch eShop Content
Well merry Switchmas, Switchanukkah and Switchwali. As we wait for the entire staff to get their shiny new machine from Nintendo lets take a look at what's on offer on the eStore. First, let's take a look at the retail games on eShop. The Legend of Zelda: B...

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Bomberman is back! oh what!?
Looks like Konami is turning things around. We have Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch , we've got an R-rated Castlevania animated series and now Bomberman is coming back to arcades. It looks like Konami might have finally righted their ship. Oh, come on!  Yep...

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Breath of the Wild: Time line revealed?
We (like 98% of the gaming community) are very excited about the latest Legend of Zelda. Whether on Wii U or Switch  the game looks great and certainly has people talking. WARNING: Some might consider this article spoiler but we're only presenting officiall...

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Is the Nintendo Switch Expensive?
There is a narrative forming around the Nintendo Switch, according to online commentators and gaming sites the Nintendo Switch could be the "most expensive system"  Now odds are you thinking on of two things, "it is expensive" or but it's cheaper" so I've d...
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