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What is gout?

Medical definitions say arthritis from high uric acid. But definitions don't make you well.

Get personal answers to help stop your #gout now.

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Most read discussion yesterday :)

But, nobody added their thoughts :(

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Great post from +Collective Evolution and +Lawlor Clinic

There's a link to the original research in the article. It compares affects alkaline and acid forming diets (as loved by +Foodary )  on uric acid clearance. Would be better if it was on gout sufferers rather than healthy people, but still useful. Diets used in the research:
(alkaline diet)
White rice 100 g, rye bread 70 g, pasta 80 g, starch 20 g, hard tofu 50 g, silken tofu 50 g, pressed tofu 30 g, fried tofu 6 g, okara 40 g, green soybeans 10 g, milk 150 g, carrot 20 g, leaf vegetable 65 g, tomato 120 g, pepper (red & yellow) 30 g, pumpkin 80 g, green onion 15 g, onion 50 g, cucumber 60 g, cabbage 60 g, lettuce 30 g, garlic 5 g, potato 100 g, aroid 45 g, yam 30 g, mushroom 40 g, kiwi 70 g, pineapple 50 g, walnuts 15 g, dried seaweed 1 g, sugar 8 g, honey 20 g, olive oil 5 g, salad oil 10 g, dressing 8 g, butter 10 g, soy saurce 5 g, vinegar 3 g, soup prepared from dried bonito and tangle 180 g, alcohol for cooking 15 g, miso(fermented soybeans paste) 7 g, sauce 20 g, Japanese basil 1 g, sweet cooking rice wine 4 g, salt 0.5 g, pepper 0.06 g, mayonnaise 10 g.
(acidic diet)
White rice 185 g, roll 75 g, pasta 20.5 g, starch 6 g, pork shoulder 90 g, cero 90 g, chicken breast fillet 30 g, squid 30 g, egg 100 g, processed cheese 20 g, carrot 50 g, broccoli 20 g, snap pea 20 g, asparagus 20 g, green onion 10 g, bamboo sprout 40 g, corn 25 g, onion 50 g, burdock 15 g, sprout 20 g, tomato saurce 15 g, soy source 6 g, salt 0.8 g, sweet cooking rice wine 12 g, alcohol for cooking 20 g, pepper 0.09 g, miso 9 g, consommé 1 g, soup prepared from dried bonito and tangle 170 g, mayonnaise 9 g, butter 3 g, salad oil 6 g, sugar 9 g, strawberry jam 20 g.

Who else likes an alkalizing diet for #gout?

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I couldn't resist this from +Sherldine Tomlinson​ via
What's not to like about cherries?
Who wouldn’t love cherries. Apart from tasting really good, they also offer very good nutritional value. #foodbenefits   #nutritiontips   #healthyeating   #healthyfood  

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Are you hiding from Gout?

Nobody likes to admit they've got a serious illness, but #gout  will not go away if you do nothing.

Stop ignoring your gout issues, and take control now:

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And a third review of the recent #gout  and #DECT  report, from +MedPage Today 

I'm still saying that the Dual Energy CT impact on gout treatment will be much greater than the impact on diagnosis.

The gout future is bright - the gout future is DECT
Dual-energy CT may help in the definitive diagnosis of gout, which can sometimes be missed with microscopic crystal analysis alone, a prospective study suggested.

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Another nice summary of the recent #gout  amd #DECT  report.

My earlier comments about this being the backbone of a new way to look at gout treatment still apply.
Is the gold standard for confirming painful gout in foot about to be replaced?

Gout is on the rise among U.S. men and women. The increasing obesity and diabetes rates over the past 20 years are believed to be a factor.

Although gout can often be diagnosed by history and exam, the most reliable means of diagnosing gout is by using a needle to draw fluid from an affected painful joint and examining for uric acid crystals under a polarizing microscope.

A new Mayo Clinic study used a special x-ray technique known as dual-energy CT scans and found gout in one-third of patients whose joint fluid tested negative for the disease. While more expensive, the CT scans allowed rheumatologists to diagnose gout and treat patients appropriately with the best medication.


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Gout and Dual Energy Computed Tomography Scans

This is what we need more of - Dual Energy CT Scans for #gout , so thanks to +SSZ Plum-Murrysville for the info.

#DECT  is not just a great diagnosis tool. It could also play a vital role in gout treatment:
1. Lower uric acid to the max for a few weeks
2. Track uric acid crystals dissolving with DECT
3. Finish intensive treatment course
4. Annual DECT check
5. Commence more intensive therapy if scan reveals uric acid buildup
6. Repeat for life - a pain free life!

It's the future of gout treatment, and you read it here first.

If there's a DECT facility near you, please share with gout sufferers at
CT Scans Might Help Diagnose Gout in Some Cases

"Gout is a common and painful form of arthritis caused by a buildup of uric acid in the body. The standard test -- called needle aspiration -- involves taking fluid or tissue samples from a gout-affected joint and checking them for uric acid crystals.
This test usually detects gout in patients, but not always.
In this study, Mayo Clinic researchers found that dual energy CT scans detected gout in one-third of patients who had negative results on the needle aspiration test. The CT scans were particularly effective in patients who'd had several gout-like episodes but had remained undiagnosed."
"After CT scans pinpointed what appeared to be uric acid crystals, ultrasound-guided needle aspiration was used to collect samples from those areas, according to the study published in the journal Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases."


Learn more about low intensity muscle training:


#goutyarthritis #ctscans #diagnosis #arthritis #plumpa #murrysvillepa #pennsylvania #superslowzone

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Ouch! Typical bad #gout   foot. Nice photo from +Nick Jaramillo 

I would commence:
1. daily colchicine - 1 at bed time, 1 in the morning. Does nothing for pain or swelling immediately, but stops inflammation getting worse. Optional, and avoid colchicine if exposed to infections.
2. Maximum gout-strength prescribed anti-inflammatories. OTC dose won't tackle level 10+ gout pain. This will reduce inflammation and start to relieve pain.
3. Maximum gout-strength compatible analgesic. Your doctor can decide which to prescribe when prescribing anti-inflammatories. Take between anti-inflammatory dose to block residual pain.

After that 3 step pain package, it's good to keep mobile to encourage blood flow. It's good to stay hydrated to encourage uric acid excretion.

The most important thing, if you've had gout flares before, is to start getting uric acid under control as soon as possible - don't wait for flare to subside.
Have Gout pain level 10+ Very painful : (

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Automatic Gout Control
Are you confused about gout control? Do you hate conflicting advice, and despair at your doctor's lack of care? Get your automatic gout control in 30 days.
When will you control your #gout ?
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