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Since the 1960s a disparate group of scientists and former drug addicts have been advocating a radical treatment for addiction - a hallucinogen called ibogaine, derived from an African plant, that in some cases seems to obliterate withdrawal symptoms from heroin, cocaine and alcohol. So why isn't it widely used?
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It worked for Clapton, so why not.
There was also a study suggesting LSD to relief the psychological withdrawal sympthoms.
I guess Ibogaine is a double strike against the physical induced craving and for the long term mental health.
To split of one of both mechanisms may be not a good idea.
I was always taught two wrongs don't make a right...rewriting that mantra...phew, it's fundamentally a stretch for my imagination!
lsd will never relieve psychological symptoms ... yet albert hoffmann always persued to define the contrary ... taking a drug to fix a problem? well, that's all wrong anyhow ...
yes, interesting...
STILL cannot believe BBC didn't x-ref this to the Caribbean and to Clapton.
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