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BBC World Service provides news and analysis from around the globe in 28 languages
BBC World Service provides news and analysis from around the globe in 28 languages

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We’re not updating this account anymore. But if you want to stay up to date with BBC News we can highly recommend following +BBC News. And you can find all the latest BBC World Service programmes at

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Bottled air

A Canadian has seen an economic opportunity in China's pollution problem. Vitality Air is exporting bottles of fresh air from the Canadian Rocky mountains and selling them in China's big cities. And people are buying them.

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Galapagos turtle family

Remember Lonesome George? He was thought to be the last surviving Pinta Island tortoise in the Galapagos. But scientists have now found some of his very close relatives.

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"Obesity is a silent killer in many countries"

The newly-opened Africa Centre for Obesity Prevention is trying to raise awareness of the risks of being overweight on a continent where it's often seen as a sign of happiness or wealth.

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What can an arm-swing tell you?

Neurologists noticed that Vladimir Putin has a 'clearly reduced right-sided arm swing'. Is it a result of KGB weapons training or a sign of disease?

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What gives you cancer?

Genetics? Luck? Or lifestyle?

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Gangnam was a "dream" and a "nightmare"

Psy talks about his new song 'Daddy' and about life as the singer of the most watched YouTube video of all time.

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Anyone missing a plane?

If no one claims three Boeing 747 jets in the next week they will be sold or destroyed. Contact Kuala Lumpur International Airport if they are yours.

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US raises interest rates

The US Central Bank has raised interest rates by a quarter of one percent - the first rise since 2006. But is it the right move?

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A second genesis of life?

Do extra-terrestrial microbes exist on Saturn’s moon Enceladus?
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