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What's up, Doc?
What's up, Doc?

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Combat with crocs that croaks!

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PC for upcoming game!
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I know I'm late but here's #crapwizards anyway +Ray Otus

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Pierrot my buddy created a blog, and it will supporting SFK and LARA!!! Go there! Go!

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Pierrot Sayz...
Good news everybody! Pierrot - a buddy of mine that helps me a lot with SFK and LARA, created his own blog! He will be developing a lot to SFK and LARA with his own setting Norryn and maybe more! Go there now! Why are you still here? Go there! Go!!!

Grandma passed away and sudden transferred to my home town, work related. Everything ran really fast for my liking. Picking bits and pieces of left over stuff (clothes, books, stuff from previous work). Now getting back the groove to finishing up Mutants & Machineguns, some comics that I owe someone and a whole lot of gaming weekend (hopefully!)

Since my brother is also working here, hopefully we make a new boardgame or two. Expect a new old Experimental Playground, I guess.

What I miss the most is doing short rpg that fills up only a page or two. Mutants & Machineguns is getting out of hand, really.

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Stuff to read later
my personal list of free downloadable shit (aka resources): solo rpgs, solo engines, OSR rpgs etc.

Well, I play tested Mutants & Machineguns v4 yesterday with my brother. The 5 room dungeon that I made for the rulebook was okay. What is not okay was the abstract ammo rules, it just don't work, I'm as a GM cannot remember to ask player to make the ammo check at the end of combat. This means the flow is horrible.

Fortunately I redid the whole abstract ammo last night and it is not really abstract anymore, but I think it will work.

It is assume that a gun can single shot and never runs out of ammo. Guns also now have Burst Limit (BL) as a stats, say for example SMG (1d6/2d6) BL x3. This means the SMG can burst 3 times until reloading.

I think it will work this time and doesn't burn the GM.

+Khairul Hisham how does vehicle combat works in star wars d6 or its sibling i.e mini six?
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