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I just did some searches on G+ for solar energy and I'm pretty disappointed. I located several e-book sellers, some I think are scam artists, a couple con men and a few rehashes/ reshares of solar articles.

Is no one out there actually using solar on a personal level? Does anyone know a person who made their own solar panels, installed a solar water heater, or anything similar? It seems like everyone thinks its a good idea but no one is actually using it.

And before apartment, condo, renting and shared accommodations dwellers get all up in arms, I realize that not everyone has a place/ money/ time to do this stuff. I just figured that G+ seems to be the cream of the crop in many tech ways. So where are the solar pioneers among us?

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Unfortunately, getting the components to go solar is practically impossible in my neck of the woods and yes, I checked. I can't believe how much retailers want in order to replace what I get from the power company. It's astronomical.
Tim Ebl
Yeah it's pretty high in Canada too. But everything is produced in the US, therefore cheaper for them and homeowners down there could use it in most locales. It's just easier to plug on to the grid. Shipping costs to buy cheap components and get them to Canada are high.

In many US locations the power company will even buy back power. A lot harder to do that where I live too. 
I have thought about it, does that count?
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