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I'm watching Star Trek: Voyager re-runs on Space channel (Canada's version of Sci-Fi). Its a few seasons in, and Seven of Nine is a recent addition to the crew.

There were a lot of details that slipped my mind. And of course, through G+ I now have a bit of inside knowledge on The person behind Seven.

The rest of this ensemble has already had 3 years to become comfortable with their characters. I nearly gave up on them a few times for lame acting or poor plots, but by this point the show seemed to be smoothing out. And then they felt the need to dump Kes to replace her with a Borg.

Seven of Nine, played by +Jeri Ryan, had to go into full swing in just a few appearances. I really feel she did a great job with the conflicted emotions of a former Borg drone that was assimilated into the Voyager collective.

Overall I enjoy the Voyager series the most out of the Star Trek franchise. After re-watching an episode every weeknight, I think that Seven of Nine really made the show (the form fitting uniform definitely didn't hurt, but it was mostly the acting ^_^).
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Voyager is an odd duck in the franchise. It had the lowest lows of any Star Trek show (I mean really bad episodes), but when it was good it was very good. You have yet to watch memorable episodes like "Equinox", "Timeless", "Message In a Bottle", "The Year of Hell" and "Workforce". I won't spoil anything for you, I'll just say that you're in for quite a treat. But there are also a number of crappy episodes still to come...

A while back a friend asked me to come up with a list of the "essential" Voyager episodes for him to watch. I narrowed it down to about 40. I could post it if you like, although from what I gather you want to watch all of them.
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+Vlad Taushanov I'd be interested in your list, but I'm going to watch them all. When the show was still being made I saw an episode once in a while but didn't get to see very many. I guess it just didn't interest me at the time. I always like the Seven of Nine character though.

You're right, up to this point in the show (where I'm at, anyway) there are some terrible, cheesy moments. But a lot of great ones.

I can barely stand any episode that has a shuttle in it. They look worse than stupid. What is wrong with these people? Even Honda's Cube doesn't look that bad. 
Well, then... you're gonna love the Delta Flyer (Google it if you want). There's an episode centred around it, which I think you're going to like :)
Season 1
Caretaker [pilot – mandatory viewing]
Phage [introducing the Vidiians]
Eye of the Needle [a really cool story]
Heroes and Demons [the Doctor’s stellar moment]

Season 2
Death Wish [not only one of the best Voyager episodes, but one of the best Trek episodes ever]
Lifesigns [romance with a twist]
Basics, Part One [back to basics]

Season 3
Basics, Part Two
Flashback [made in honor of Trek’s 30th anniversary and features a special guest star]
Future's End, Part One [a really fun two-parter]
Future's End, Part Two
The Q and the Grey [Q is back]
Unity [a powerful adversary returns]
Before and After [foreshadowing…]
Scorpion, Part One [finally – the Big Borg Cliffhanger]

Season 4
Scorpion, Part Two
The Gift [a.k.a. Scorpion, Part Three]
Year of Hell, Part One [foreshadowed – a really cool story]
Year of Hell, Part Two
Message in a Bottle […not alone…]
Hunters [the Hirogen saga begins]
The Killing Game

Season 5
In the Flesh [a glimpse of the Alpha Quadrant and a special guest star]
Timeless [the 100th episode – pretty special]
Dark Frontier [the Borg are back]
Relativity [a time travel story]
Equinox, Part One [a great two parter and again a special guest star]

Season 6
Equinox, Part Two
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy [a fun story about the Doctor]
Pathfinder [a really special episode]
Fury [the return of a loved one]
Life Line [another doctor story]
Unimatrix Zero, Part One [the Borg… again]

Season 7
Unimatrix Zero, Part Two
Inside Man [fun episode]
Flesh and Blood [old adversaries return]
Workforce, Part One [Voyager’s last great two-parter]
Workforce, Part Two
Q2 [last appearance of Q]
Homestead [farewell to Neelix]
Endgame [the finale]
I tried to be as objective as possible (and to keep it spoiler-free), but it's still my list and some people might disagree.

I also did one of these for Enterprise, if you're interested.
Tim Ebl
Pretty comprehensive list. I better make sure I keep it in a safe place ^_^ thanks!

No Enterprise re-runs yet. I'll wait on that list until I have access to the show. 
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