I'm watching Star Trek: Voyager re-runs on Space channel (Canada's version of Sci-Fi). Its a few seasons in, and Seven of Nine is a recent addition to the crew.

There were a lot of details that slipped my mind. And of course, through G+ I now have a bit of inside knowledge on The person behind Seven.

The rest of this ensemble has already had 3 years to become comfortable with their characters. I nearly gave up on them a few times for lame acting or poor plots, but by this point the show seemed to be smoothing out. And then they felt the need to dump Kes to replace her with a Borg.

Seven of Nine, played by +Jeri Ryan, had to go into full swing in just a few appearances. I really feel she did a great job with the conflicted emotions of a former Borg drone that was assimilated into the Voyager collective.

Overall I enjoy the Voyager series the most out of the Star Trek franchise. After re-watching an episode every weeknight, I think that Seven of Nine really made the show (the form fitting uniform definitely didn't hurt, but it was mostly the acting ^_^).
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