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Gary Youell

Does anyone else have a gripe with the shifting requirements to become a Google Partner? Since the Rand is forever taking such a hammering, and the spend is in dollars, surely it makes sense to make South African Google Partners match a Rand value spend?

Hi guys, does anyone know how long it should take for my new page to show in Google search results? I don't see it unless I specifically search for it on Google Maps. All my other pages come up in the Google web search results?

Hi all,

I've created a page for a residential estate, listed as a physical location with business hours. We're currently waiting for a postcard to arrive with a verification code on it (because that was the only verification method option) 

In the meantime, is this page supposed to show on Google maps or will it only show AFTER verifying? 

Another thing, because this is an estate and the postal service what it is in this country, if we don't get the verification code via post card, what are our remaining options to verify? 

Hi everyone,

I've joined this community because I am at my wits end trying to add a Residential estate to Google My Business. I've tried setting it up as "Storefront", " Service Area" and "Brand".

The only one that 'works' is setting up as a "Brand" but this is not good because I want to specify a location, so that it's findable on Google Maps. 

When I set up as a "Storefront" or as a "Service Area" Google will not allow me to verify by phone, only by post... which is no good because this listing is physically controlled by a guard house / entrance boom and we will in all likelihood not receive the postcard with our verification code. 

This is after all, the 21st century and my goddness, to verify by POST?? Have I done something wrong in setting up this page? I have many other pages, all without an issue!

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