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We now take a break from our regularly scheduled program.
I really wish there were more information attached to this video, like a date, such is youtube. However, I present to you the original Wailers preforming Duppy Conqueror. I noticed that Bob pronounces "duppy" much like "dopey." Catchy tune, I should stop an...

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D. J. Danger Donkey's Bizarro Covers: The Meat Puppets cover the Grateful Dead
The first time I heard this recording I was a bit ambivalent. Really, the Meat Puppets play the Grateful Dead? It kind of fits when you think about it, the Meat Puppets are from Az., the Dead is from Cali and they are both Stoner Rock. They are just differe...

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Yeah, I have a Twitter account, @ccreel67. I have had it about two years and usually comment about society, entertainment and beer. Usually, society and beer. 'Cause, Life is Beer and Beer is Life. Look me up on the Twitter if your interested in more of my ...

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Happy 2017, and all!
Here we are at the beginning of a new year. I feel I can say that, unlike years past, we are on the verge of something new. I will just add that I hope that civilization is not about to repeat the Fall of the Roman Empire. That's my take on our current soci...

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D. J. Danger Donkey's Bizarro Covers: Plain Wrap plays Buffalo Springfield
Yep, file this one under Punk Rock Roots. This was a majority of the
style of music which I listened to in high school. It needs no further 

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Three months until this.>
It has been three months since my last post, where has the time gone? Let's get up to date a bit. I would like to establish some closure for this list of cover tunes and move on with the blog. Here's an Oldie Goldie, a cover of a 13th Floor Elevator song by...

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D. J. Danger Donkey's Bizarro Covers: The Clash covers the roots of Reggea
As a young lad, the Clash recording Black Market Clash was my introduction to Jamaican music. On this recording the Clash covered Toots and the Maytals, Willie Williams and Junior Murvin. Along with  Robber Dub, a Clash original I believe, this was my intro...

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D. J. Danger Donkey's Bizarro Covers: David Bowie covers Lou Reed
Here's a classic covering the work of another classic. We are all awarded in this super talent situation. Ya gotta love these Best of the BBC collections.

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D. J. Danger Donkey's Potentially Bizarro Cover Tunes: Camper Van Beethoven covers Black Flag
There's bizarro Bunghole Surfers Middle America F'd Up Noise Rock and there's Camper Van Beethoven West Coast Mellow Folkie  Bizarro. The Camper Vans played a whole list of bizarro covers; Pictures of Matchstick Men, Oh Death, and the complete Tusk album by...

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D. J. Danger Donkey's Poteneially Bizarro Cover Tunes: Bunghole Surfers cover Donovan
You all may have discovered this one after watching my list post from the B-Holes. Hurdy Gurdy Man is pretty bizarro and what better way too make it full-blown BIZARRO than to have it preformed by the Bungholes? This one's a stoner classic, 'nuff said. D. J...
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