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Thanks to +Ivanilton Santos​​​ for supplying us with the remaining icons, now all system apps in MK71.1 have round icons! 🎉🎉🎉 As a sign of appreciation, we shall be granting him access to incremental and verified updates!

MoKee OpenSource is always lacking in the arts and design department, so any help is always welcomed! Then you too could be the next +Ivanilton Santos​​​ 😁

*P.S. Our current boot animation is a lil bulky, could be lighter 🙃#hinthint

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Please stop with the ETA or "will xxx device be supported" posts. Device requests are welcomed but no guarantees.

What devices are currently supported? When will a new build come out? Track here yourself:

1. Bugs that occur when using your own modifications (e.g. custom kernel, Xposed etc) will NOT be entertained. Your own mod your own risk.
2. No ETA posts
3. Post in ENGLISH and the right sections! Bug reports should go to the bug reports section. Reports without logcats (useful ones, not just any random logs and including build version and device name) or rude ones will usually get ignored 99% of the time. Remember that we don't owe you anything.
4. Interested to help in translation? Read this:


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This is why we can't have nice things. Explained but stubborn as a mule. Big companies like Facebook collects way more personal data but you willingly give it all, we only implement what's needed and people get fanatic. Again, if you are wondering why a browser (YuBrowser) needs Contacts permission, it's because the permission to access Google account is categorised under Contacts (thanks Google). All other permissions are explained in the app description and Permission Details in the app listing as well.

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Gimme gimme ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
BasketBuild is giving away some free gear!

Up for grabs:
A +Razer Blackwidow Stealth mechanical keyboard!
A Flexion Kinetic bluetooth wireless headphone set!
A $20 +Google Play or gift card!

How to win:
1. Go to and click the link in the red bar near the top of any page.
2. Fill out the form.
3. Share this post.
4. If you're a developer, be sure to go back to and register for a free account!
5. Wait for an email saying you've won!

Giveaway rules:
1. You may only fill out the form once, but sharing this post will count as a second entry!
2. You may enter regardless of locality but we reserve the right to exclude certain countries due to abnormally high shipping costs.
3. Giveaway ends on 8/23/15 at 11:59 PM UTC
4. Winners will be contacted via email, so provide a valid email address in the form! Winners will be publicly announced here on 8/28/15.
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Exciting news! :)

Builds for edison has been postponed for now until recovery issue has been solved.

By the way, I have been told that armani users are the most annoying and rude, just like how falcon (Moto G) users were. Stop proving this fact, or the same will happen as what dhacker29 almost did (dropping device support). Lollipop bringup is already very tedious, especially when the update is huge. To the armani users, if you want to use a phone that has no baseband (that's what's stopping us from releasing builds) and end up coming back here to rant like kids again, there will be no changes to our answer, no builds until ready, no ETA. Keep in mind that you are using this for free and we do not owe you anything. This is not a paid service, and we have not received any donations since quite some time ago.

Please be more understanding, thank you. 

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Guys, the wait is finally over, MoKee OpenSource will be releasing Lollipop nightly builds tonight (GMT+8) for the devices below:

Enjoy guys! 😊 Please wait patiently as the first builds will usually talk longer. More devices will be added soon, so please no ETAs.
** PS If someone keeps on bugging us with requests for supporting device xxx, that device will most probably get no support 😈

Just to update, Lollipop for MoKee is already in the works as already mentioned sometime ago...all the relevant code is in the mkl branch (referring to Github)...For myself, I am busy researching on bringing the incremental updates back to Lollipop, a lot of major changes needed...

so stop asking for ETAs and wait patiently, we are only a small group of people doing this during our SPARE TIME and we ARE DOING IT FOR FREE...please be CONSIDERATE...thank you ;)
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