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As I said on WordPress.
 Oxymoronic but it's as much private as possible.. If I required a larger following (as some friends kindly hint) I'd be on a mountain somewhere nice and warm with chanting dusky maidens in saffron robes at my feet, and visa versa.  I'm very giving!

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As I have said elsewhere I do not , in the argot of the day, , 'do' Facebook.  Need one explain?  There is more than likely a consonant error in the fifth letter that betrays those who do use this platform.  The cadence is almost the same Facef**k; so I do not need to spell out the coarse term.  Then again....?
 Even  Zuckerberg was trying to hint something to his flock!  
 Neither do I use Twitter!.  Here we have a vowal error on the third letter which similarly Larry was helpfully trying to forewarn his subscribers.  
 why am I here on Google Espionage Central? 
 I'm not chatting to myself but I know you'd never ask!  It's rhetorical.
 I've arrived for several reasons JUST now.  One to have a reminder as to where other articles, columns and books (if I have a aneurysm) and a reminder to my well chosen and select cadre of good people and friends as to where I am or may be.
   Essentially it is for a fuzzy feeling of connectivity, and not the base tumescence of Ego and Id one might find elsewhere where a mug-shot is the only requirement for cyber celebrity.
 Google are excellent at imaging and so forth-and even without help from NASA.  I remember 'checking out'  a nightmarish neighbour in Dublin on a lady-friends' laptop.  Where were we?  Outside Ames Research Center nearMountain View California in 2006.  Or just a few blocks from Google. 
 Which brings me to the over-riding reason I guess.  I hadn't intended putting myself on G.  Then....seeing some 'c^^T (no words -just a pic) that I was unlucky to know a few decades ago along with his begats, I guess this is a spot where he might slime up to. 
 Be reminded!  There is much unfinished business!. 
 The weapons I became familiar with ca.2004-2008-would have been a quick and satisfying solution all those years ago.  Now, he isn't worth the few cents of a slug.
 Besides, the worst in society cannot be killed that way, legally. 
 I'll rephrase!   He ain't worth doing time for!  Further time!!!!
 The unfinished business is due to the nature of the Court system in Ireland and 26 years of inept but highly acquisitive lawyer-dom. 
 Be reminded-there is more to be done, by that law.
 No one knows when the full-time whistle will blow-but at 57 years, and most of it 'hard time of abuses' Larry's Enticing Empire of Espionage -is at least partly a method to  'not leave anything on the bench'. 
 A full court press is coming!.  I meant that in the basketball sense.  Both of the two metaphors are very apposite.  Tomorrow 12/July 2013  I make another 220 mile return journey to my native Dublin to see how lawyers turned a rightful string of victories into a compounded loss.  

  More to come on this here or elsewhere.

 And now for something completely different....
 Good honest folk are welcome to visit one of my platforms at

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