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Sonja Botanicals Skin Care Products
We are a Team of Skin Care Professional to Serve You
We are a Team of Skin Care Professional to Serve You


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Did you know the importance of Mitochondria in the total system of vibrant and healthy skin?
Keeping those little cells creating ATP.
Pentapeptides found in our Complex C Serum keep
the mitochondria producing more collagen.
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Why is ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) so critical to healthy Skin?
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Have you used Micro-current treatments on your skin?
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Sonja Botanicals has been delivering quality Botanical Based Skin care products to their loyal customers for over 15 years...
Just now sharing info and ability to purchase on-line
Stop By and visit our new site and be sure to take the Free Skin Analysis.
Looking forward to sharing more.
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WHAT'S EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT?? I want a "Fresh New Summer Glow " .... You Can with our Summer Special....

Rejuvenate summer skin with the power of enzymes, peptides and powerful antioxidants. Satisfaction Guaranteed and FREE SPF30 AND FREE SHIPPING - HURRY - OFFER ENDS JUNE 30
Resurface, Renew and Revive Introductory Special – $93 Value
Blog post at Sonja Botanicals Skin Care : Micro-Dermabrasion Crème 2.5 oz. $28 – For most Skin Types Refine and reduce wrinkles with delicate micro crystals and it will not i[..]

Sonja Botanicals Skin Care
 Share this offer with your friends on FB, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, send an email that you "shared" and when you order this special, Sonja Botanicals will send you a FREE Cleanser of your choice.
 Summer Special Value $108 for $60 - FREE 8 oz.Cleanser Value $22-$25 ... BUT HURRY OFFER ENDS JUNE 30
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FYI SUN PROTECTION... are all sunscreens the same?  No and according to the newest information, the FDA labeling requires that "Waterproof" and "Sunblock" are no longer acceptable.  Sun safety is not just for the beach or vacations.

 Are you sun-safe every day? Take the American Cancer Society's quiz and find out.

 When purchasing a sunscreen product, be sure to read the label before you buy.  You need broad spectrum protection (against UVA & UVB rays) and with sun protection factor (SPF) values of 30 or higher. Sonja Botanicals Skin Care has you covered!

   Some rules about sunscreens:  If you are going to wear makeup, put the sunscreen on first. Don't count on sunscreen in your makeup and/or moisturizer to protect you!

AND another very important fact - Keep Newborns out of the sun!  Sunscreens may be used on babies over the age of 6 mos., but they should also be protected by shade and clothing. Children are very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation -  just one severe sunburn in childhood doubles the chances of developing melanoma.

 More steps to help prevent skin cancer:
1.  Shade: keep in shade or cover with protection between the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  2. Avoid Sunburn: your risks double for melanoma if you have 4 or more sunburns at any point in your lifetime.
3. Avoid Tanning Beds: UV radiation from tanning machines is known to cause cancer in humans. Those who make just four visits to a tanning salon per year can increase their risk for melanoma by 11%.
 4. Cover up with Clothing: Hats, UV blocking sunglasses and clothing are effective in protection from sun's burning rays.
 5. Use Broad Spectrum: UVA/UVB Sunscreen with SPF of 30 or higher.
SPF 30 Advanced Protection 2.5 oz. $18  /  4 oz. $26 - For All Skin Types

ACS Sun Safety Quiz
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Summer is a great time to consider your SKIN care alternatives.
In order for the skin to look vibrant, we need to get rid of dead skin cells that build up especially over the winter months, then hydrate the tissue and nourish it.  Simple… follow the 3 steps:
Read more below
#SkinCare   #HealthySkin  
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We enjoy setting up Packages of quality Botanical Skin Care products. This one is very popular and affordable.
Remember to take the FREE skin Analysis 
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Remember to take advantage of our FREE Skin  Anaylsis
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Do you love Avocados?
There are a wonderful ingredient for Skin Care

"Avocados are Mother Nature's skin moisturizer. With their healthy fats and phytonutrients, they offer remarkable benefits to human skin -- both when eaten and when used topically.

Our Soft Papaya & Pumpkin Masque has generous supply of Avocado Oil
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