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An introduction page to alternative cancer treatment with photodynamic therapy

This page discusses various alternative treatments for cancer, including photodynamic therapy

Case history of leukemia alternative treatment with photodynamic therapy with fast remission

History of treatment of advanced metastatic lung cancer in the bones with brain tumors, complete remission

Colon cancer responds well to photodynamic therapy along with other adjuvant alternatives

Advanced metastatic breast cancer resolution with photodynamic therapy as an alternative treatment

Three day remission of prostate cancer, resolution of mets in the bone and lungs is possible with photodynamic therapy used with other adjuvant treatments

Pancreatic cancer is usually lethal in 6 months, but it can be treated successfully with our techniques

Detailed discussion of alternative cancer therapy with photodynamic therapy

Is it possible to "cure" cancer?  We discuss this in detail here

What if the theories about what cancer is and what starts it are all wrong?  How could that effect treatment?

Over 1000 research papers here supporting the method of treatment we use.

This link discusses the science behind our breakthrough technology

It is even possible to treat autoimmune diseases like MS, Diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, etc

The most deadly bacteria on earth which do not respond to antibiotics are an easy kill for PDT.

Viruses, from the lowly herpes simplex to HIV, respond to Photodynamic Therapy.  We are setting up HIV experiments nos.

General discussion with case histories of alternative cancer treatment with photodynamic therapy.

Can you make yourself immune to cancer?  Yes, on this page we discuss how it is done with backup documentation from major researchers.

We are the only Photodynamic Therapy providers who use nano particles in treatment and it allows us to do things others can only dream about.

What to expect when you come for to us for treatment.

Contact information to begin the assessment to see if we can help you.
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