I went to Paris with Melanie Jacques last week and actively chose to not bring a serious camera with me. This trip was about us, and I didn't want to be fiddling with my gear while spending a vacation away.

That said, I did bring my dusty G11 and Gorillapod - the later of which I've basically never used - and finally got something out of both! One image is a 2 image vertical pano, which was then run through ColorEfex Pro, and the other is a three image HDR blended in Photomatix, and cross processed in HDR Efex Pro. Liberal tonemapping was ultimately what I wanted since it was the texture of St. Sulpice, it's age, and size, that impressed me.

Also, St. Sulpice had next to no tourists, where Notre Dame, just a few blocks away, had crazy lines.
Paris - St. Sulpice
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