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Steven Van Bael
Linux geek, metalhead, android & python developer
Linux geek, metalhead, android & python developer

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I've decided to quit my day job in order to focus full time on my own business doing freelance mobile development and my own products.

Here's what I plan to do in 2015

I'm confused, according to Material Design guidelines the navigation drawer should overlap the toolbar. If that is the case, what's the point in animating the hamburger icon into a back arrow when that arrow is going to be covered be the navigation drawer anyway? 

Inbox by Google is really cool. I'm going to use this exclusively for a couple of days to process my inbox but I have a feeling this is going to replace Mailbox'  both on my phone and laptop.

Too bad it only works on Chrome and not on `Safari. 

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Released a new feature today, "OK Google, take a note, Buy milk" now creates a new OmniFocus task.  Wear support is coming soon.

First issue with OSX Yosemite: Android Studio/Intellij is really sluggish when run with Java6. It's a lot better with Java7  but then the alt key doesn't work inside the IDE.

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This is what software development on a 4K UHD display looks like. I never want to go back to my former 2x24" + macbook setup.

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As I have been sick at home for a couple days and couldn't do anything productive. I tried to write a post about how Quantus Tasks has been doing on the Play Store.

I love using Guava in my Android apps. But unfortunately using it together with 2-3 other libs means you cannot build your project anymore without Proguard. And that makes build slow as hell. #developerfrustration

Android devs, are there any tools for interpreting/graphing Play Store sales data? I would like to process my sales data for last few months to see if I can detect patterns.
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