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Now, quick question: Who else boycotted CN and didn't know about this?

I had a thought (dream) of season 2. It wasn't really season two, but it came after season 1. It was a spin/rip off series of the original show called Miraculous: Hotel Grand. Or Marinette and Adrien: Hotel Grand. Whatever. In this version, it's Autumn and Marinette and Adrien are the first to get a room at Le Grand Paris. As they are making themselves at home in their room, they are accompanied by a black cat and a red cat. As the two are admiring them, they hear a crash from down the hall and decide to investigate. They find out Chloe accidentally knock something over and ask about the two cats. They find out that they're the mascots of the hotel and their names are Tikki and Plagg, but they're always disappearing. When Chloe leaves through an elevator, the hotel shifts. Literally. This is not a normal hotel. It's been a long day everyone, can you really blame me for this summary? This is probably just me, but it was really interesting. If it was a show, the dream was only one episode and I'd like to see more, but it was my dream, so others might not agree. It was different from the original (besides the plot). For example:
It was 2D (still french style)
Marinette's hair was in braids and was red/strawberry blonde/orange
Marinette's outfit was similar to her concept (overalls)
Adrien's hair was black and spikey
Adrien's outfit was similar to Felix's
Chloe's nice
Le Grand Paris looks more like an apartment than a hotel, but the halls and the rooms look like hotel style
Marinette and Adrien are orphans
Marinette and Adrien are best friends
Marinette and Adrien have the same adoptive parents


You don't know what I mean by Etc. I didn't explain enough. But, if you like this little dream that happened, I could explain more. There was another follow up series called Miraculous: Summer, which all I remember is that the secondary characters were in it. But anyway, tell me what you think.

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It's Christmas in Paris, The holiday of generosity and gifts. Unfortunately not for everyone. It's Adrien's first time without his mother. It's enough to make him run away and shout his anger. When the news of his disappearance is on screen, Ladybug runs into the cold and snow to find her friend. But everything becomes complicated with the new crisis. Will Ladybug and Chat Noir be able to save Christmas? Find out in Miraculous: A Special Christmas. Premiers Sunday, December 11th on Tfou.

It's not the exact translation of the video, but you get the idea. I'll do a breakdown later.

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Yes! Yes? No? No? No....? Okay....




Listen carefully, okay? We don't have a lot of time.

It started three years ago. The World Internet Federation reported the appearance of an aggressive new computer worm: The Slade Virus.

A year later, it was estimated that Slade had already infected 37 percent of the world's computer systems. By then, it was too late.

Slade took control of the world's communications, power and defense systems. It built armies of advanced robotic soldiers, that laid waste to everything in their path. There was no stopping them, and Slade declared victory:

"I am Slade. Your world is now my world, and your time is now over."

But it's not over....not yet. If you can hear my voice, please go now to the Domed City of Jump. It's the only place we can be safe. But you have to make it inside the city's walls before the defense shield is activated. Please.....hurry.


On the road to Jump City, a battle was going on. Between Slade's soldiers, and the human soldiers. Everyone was doing their best to avoid the battle. The soldiers helped. One of the soldiers, after helping a citizen, saw the colonel and immediately ran to her.

"Colonel Roth! Colonel Roth!" he called.

"Easy son. Get yourself together and give me a proper report." she ordered calmly.

"Yes ma'am. They've broken through the West Corridor into Zone Delta, ma'am. We can't hold them off." the soldier reported. The Colonel removed her sunglasses and stared at the soldier.

"Raven squad?" she asked him.

"We lost contact with air support over an hour ago, ma'am" he stated. The Colonel turned her head back to the battle. "What should I do ma'am?" The Colonel looked back at him.

"Go shoot at something." she said before looking back at the battle.

"Ma'am, yes, ma'am." he said, then went off to get his shooter.

Not to far away, a bus pulled into the road. Seeing what was ahead, the driver told the passengers to hang on. He took a while to find a safe spot, but when he did, he parked and stood up to grab a ripped soldier he fought earlier.

"You no-good pile of worthless scrap!" he shouted, throwing the robot out the door. After doing so, a woman stood in front of the door. The driver smiled and turned to a child who was sitting up front. "Oh hey. This will be your stop little lady." he picked up the child and gave her to the woman. "There you go." he said. The woman thanked him. "You are most certainly welcome."

"You." a voice said, grabbing the driver's attention. He turned around and saw it was the Colonel. "What are you doing behind the wheel of one of our transports?!"

"I would be driving it. What else would I be doing." he answered, still smiling.

"And you made it through the entire Slade Army in one piece?" she asked him.

"Yeah." he answered. As soon as he did so, the front air vent fell off. "Well, maybe a few pieces, but, you know, we made it."

That's when an explosion went off, scaring the passengers. A soldier standing behind the Colonel aimed his shooter towards the explosion.

"You better get these people out of here." she ordered. The driver nodded.

"Yeah, I'll get myself out too if you don't mind." he said before heading back to the wheel. "Alright, next stop, the city square." As the bus drove away, the Colonel and her army stared at the smoke of the explosion, the men ready to attack. The Colonel saw Slade's army and knew they were outmatched.

"Fall back! Everyone inside the city walls now!" she ordered. People were running faster now. Some of the army men shot back to slow down the robots. There was an explosion that knocked them down, but they managed to get back up and run inside the walls. "Stand by to raise the shield." Colonel ordered once inside the walls.

"But ma'am, your daughters. They're still-" the soilder started.

"On my signal!" she ordered. They stood in front of the gates, waiting. They could hear the army coming closer. "Seal all city gates. Raise the shields."

"Seal all city gates. Activate defense dome, all grids" the soldier repeated into his walkie talkie. The control tower obeyed. The gates started to go down, and Colonel Roth turned away.

"Ma'am!" the soldier exclaimed, seeing a motorcycle driving through the clouds of dust the robots left behind.

"Hang on!" exclaimed the driver. She turned the motorcycle to the side and got both her friend and herself inside the dome.

"Activating city shields. Loading Bio Dome Control-Climate Environment." said someone from the control center. The dome changed into a city. The citizens sighed at the beautiful sight.

The driver of the motorcycle removed her helmet, releasing her red hair. Her friend did the same, staring at the city in amazement. "See? I told you." she said. Her friend laughed.

"Raven Two." Colonel Roth said, grabbing the attention of the driver's friend. "Raven Two, report. Where's Raven One?"

The driver's friend saluted and said, "Raven One is down ma'am. She's gone." They looked down, waiting for a response.

"Dismissed." Colonel Roth finally said.

"Oh, but Mom-" Raven One started.

"I said 'Dismissed.'"

"Come here." Raven One's friend said, pulling her away from the colonel. "Let me look at that arm." She started to examine her friend's cast.

"Ma'am, do you suppose-I mean, what if there are people still out there sir?" the soldier asked. Colonel Roth stared at the gate.

"Then heaven help them, because we can't."


So, what did you think? Should I continue it or no? This is an AU, so if this didn't make it does! But seriously, what do you think? (Also, can you guess who the bus driver is?)

AU time! (I have a problem lol)

Marinette: Your welcome

Alya: Don't get used to it

Adrien: Did you hurt somebody?

Lila: Dummy...

Mireille: I wouldn't mind cooking for you everyday

Chloe: Would you be my Romeo?

Juleka: I hope it works this time

Aurore: You know....just the two of us?

Mylene: I'm always happy to take care of you.

Caline: Would you like me to be your private tutor?

Alix: He's the only one who...

Rachael: That won't happen will it?

Sabrina: I'll keep you safe

Rose: It's looking like a nice day,

This post deleted itself. That is the second time this happened to me. Anyway, guess the crossover and I'll make a drawing. I'm making a drawing anyway, but I want to see if anyone can guess this. Also, who is who?
If you want to know who Rachael and Caline is:

Caline is Ms. Bustier. No lie.

Rachael is my placeholder name for the blue haired student. Idk why, but I love her.


Main Members: Rose, Juleka, Nathanael

Secondary Members: Prince Ali, Nino

Other Members: Sabrina, Marinette, Alya, Alix.


Hawk: Okay, listen up folks. We have a security situation here. As you know, when we reach a location, I will be conducting a security sweep. Also, from now on we will be using code names. You can address me as "Eagle One."

Hawk: Ruby, code name: "Been there, done that."

Hawk: Astoria is: "Currently doing that."

Hawk: Joy is: "It happened once in a dream."

Hawk: Rose is: "If I had to pick a girl."

Hawk: Travis is.....




Hawk: "Eagle Two"

Travis: Oh thank god.

Hi I'm new.

Le Paon could be Nathanael.


Hair is in similar design

Paon has blue eyes

(If you didn't know) Le Paon translates to Peacock. Peacocks are the symbols of Vibrancy, Vision and Integrity. Nathanael is an artist and has Integrity.

Paon has blue skin. Or does he? It could be possible that Paon is wearing a face mask similar to Hawk Moth's and his eyes are in a similar design to the Bee Kwami.

Paon has black hair. Or does he? Lila and Alya get a hair recolor, Adrien and Chloe get a hair change (Chloe has curls) and Marinette gets an accessory added. If it is Nath, he would get a hair recolor and change.

Kwamis are possibly genderless (and this is probably just me) but Duusu sounds like a boy name, and even though it isn't confirmed, it seems the holders have kwamis that is their gender.

The difference between Female and Male peacocks is males are the green and blue ones, the ones humans are most likely to think about when they hear the word "peacock" while females are brown and white. An easy way to avoid confusion is to call females by their other name "peafowl". Paon is mostly blue, so it most likely won't be a girl. This is another reason why Duusu is possibly male.

The holders are connected. Hawk Moth is tied to Mama Agreste, who is tied to Adrien. Adrien is tied to Chloe and Alya and all three are tied to Marinette. Marinette is tied to all the holders except Hawk Moth. Nathanael is tied to Marinette.

No Spoiler Man (aka Thomas Astruc) said that the glittering tears were scratched concept, but he never said kwamis couldn't cry. In Duusu's concept art, he looks very emotional. All kwamis are friends with their holders (And yes, Plagg does count) and someone as sensitive as Nathanael would make a great friend for Duusu.

I feel like I forgot a few things, but tell me what you think. I'm not doing Cons because this is to show why Nathanael could/should be peacock.
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