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CASAA has issued a press release regarding the FDA proposed rules. It has been issued through PR Newswire, posted on our blog and (if you are on our email lists) you will soon receive a copy via email.

We need your help to get this press release picked up by news outlets! (Just releasing it through a service - even a good one - doesn't mean it will get picked up by the major news outlets.)

Here is what you can do to help:

-- Forward the email to your local newspaper editors and news station producers. (We do not have a list - please help us by finding the information yourself.)

-- Post the press release link on the Facebook pages of local and national newspapers and networks (but please do not spam if you see it's already been posted, just comment on the existing link that you'd like to see it reported.)

-- Tweet the link to the press release to local and national newspapers and networks.

-- Post a link to the press release on your Facebook timeline and in vaping groups for them to share.

For those of you chomping at the bit to "do something now," here is your chance!

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New T2 Clearomizers and starter kits now available. New colors coming soon!!

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