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Here's To New Beginnings
As I complete my
last meditation of 2016, as I sit in silence wrapped in the beautiful prayer
shawl made for me by a wonderful friend in Australia (I met her through
Facebook), as I breathe deeply in and out and open my eyes to a new day, I’m
reminded that ...

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Because I'm Happy....
I promised that
I’d come back to let you know how my little experiment went, so here I am! If you remember,
three months ago I got some test results that were far from exciting—in fact
they indicated that I needed to take medication for gout, pre-diabetes a...

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Thanks For The Memories
Today a friend
reached out and told me that her husband of 46 years had died a couple of
months ago.   I didn’t know how I’d missed
it on Facebook, but I did.   She told me
some of the things she was doing to ease the pain and as I looked through her

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July 26, 2016, after a routine physical, I received some test results that I
did not like.   At. All.   Nothing life threatening, but a wake up call
for sure.   I was shocked.   I hadn’t been paying really close attention
to what I’ve been eating lately ...

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Where To From Here?
you write a book about your journey, or a portion of your journey, what’s
next?   From Lemons to Lemonade is complete, poked, prodded, reworded and finally delivered into the world. So
what now?   Well,
I could roll back the clock and look into other a...

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100 Days of Meditation
meditated every day for the last 55 days.   My muse just threw out a thought the other day.   “Mom, do you think you could meditate for 100
days in a row?”   She didn’t challenge me
to do so, but it sure sounded like a challenge to me. I
am one for a c...

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What Makes You Happy?
many mornings, Ted and I would sit on our screened-in back porch, sipping
coffee and reading to each other from The
Geography of Bliss —a great book written by Eric Weiner, a foreign
correspondent for NPR. What
makes people happy?   Is it truly an inside...

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Thank You For The Love
cleaning out my storage unit with a goal of nothing stored by the end of the
year.   Not only will that save me $145 a
month, it will also help simplify my life. It’s
funny how after Ted and Lateef died, I really wanted to get rid of a lot of stuff.   I...
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