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1st Choice Quality Builders LLC

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Energy Efficiency

At 1st Choice Builders, we take ENERGY EFFICIENCY very seriously painstakingly we have created a system which generates a HERS rating of 51 to 59 on all of our homes, most of them getting a 54 or better.

To achieve this rating we use Foam insulation and tune all of our homes and balance the entire Heating, Cooling and Venting system. Of course we use highly rated windows and doors and the result is a finely tuned energy efficient home. You will see the rewards in your utility bills and enjoy the best comfort possible.

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At 1st Choice Quality Builders we maintain constant control on a daily basis to ensure that the highest quality standards are not only met but exceeded. Look around and see some of the great homes 1st. Choice Quality Builders have already built, and see how we can take on your home building project and make your new house your dream home.

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Our Expertise includes in house #Architectural #Design.

You will be guided all the way through the #designing & #planning stages, from initial #design and #location, to the building and closing stages of your quality home for you and your entire family.

Bring your own plan, or have us draw, modify, and create your own personal home.
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