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Carlos Medina
Work hard, continous learning and patient are the best tools in the way for success
Work hard, continous learning and patient are the best tools in the way for success
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Hi friends, I was developing apps since 2 years ago, and now I want to start creating different solutions working with IoT. Could somebody tell me what will be the best option to start some understanding projects, Intel Arduino or Raspberry PI 3 B?

Thanks in advance any comment will be appreciated.

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An easy way to share content

Use ShareCompat to easily build and read incoming share intents Pro-tip by +Ian Lake

The ‘share’ action is an iconic part of Android apps, providing a standard way of sending and receiving data from other apps - be it a simple text string, an image, any arbitrary content (say, a file from your app), or even multiple items. Constructing and reading these Intents requires either knowing the exact constants to use or using ShareCompat (

ShareCompat.IntentBuilder provides a fluent API for constructing ACTION_SEND ( and ACTION_SEND_MULTIPLE ( intents.

Constructing a simple share intent with text then becomes:
Intent shareIntent = ShareCompat.IntentBuilder.from(activity)
// Avoid ActivityNotFoundException
if (intent.resolveActivity(getPackageManager()) != null) {

You’ll also find methods for setting the subject, email to/cc/bcc addresses, and an HTML version of your text.

Sharing an image is similar:
Intent shareIntent = ShareCompat.IntentBuilder.from(activity)

Preferably using a URI generated from a FileProvider ( to ensure all apps can access the file even if they don’t have storage permissions.

On the receiving side, ShareCompat.IntentReader can be used to retrieve the information from intents:

ShareCompat.IntentReader intentReader = ShareCompat.IntentReader.from(activity);
if (intentReader.isShareIntent()) {
  String[] emailTo = intentReader.getEmailTo();
  String subject = intentReader.getSubject();
  String text = intentReader.getHtmlText();
  // Compose an email

While not guaranteed from a security or verification perspective, using ShareCompat also includes information on the sending application which the receiving application can take advantage of through IntentReader.getCallingPackage() or the convenience methods such as getCallingApplicationIcon() and getCallingApplicationLabel() allowing your app to attribute shared content if that data is present.


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An Introduction to SQLite android app =)

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Checkout this Awesome Art!!

Floral Still Life

by Hans Bollongier

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+droidcon London also posted the video of my other talk from last week, "What's New in Android":

This one lacks the gravity and critical importance of that other talk I gave at the conference, but I'll post it here on the off chance that someone finds it useful.

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¿Qué elemento van en un altar?

El altar de muertos es la ofrenda que le hacen familiares y amigos a aquellas personas que ya no se encuentran con nosotros. Principalmente se monta con artículos de la vida del difunto, pero existen algunos elementos tradicionales que lleva cualquier altar.

Conoce más en el Google Arts & Culture:

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