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Steve Dwyer
I like marketing, music, technology and psychology.
I like marketing, music, technology and psychology.

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10 fun facts about where I work...
New Blog Post: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hanson

With all the seriousness of election day here in Ohio, we thought everyone could use a laugh. So for no other reason than pure nonsense, we’ve put together this list of fun facts about our company culture. How much does this resemble your workplace?

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Found this today on Reddit.

"Google Maps now has underwater Street View!" 

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Great post, Chris!

New Blog Post

Stuck and looking for inspiration in your photography? Take a look at what you love and start by photographing that. You will be shocked by the  results and your inspiration can return quickly.

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From yours truly...
New Blog Post: Memes, Community and the Evolution of Communication

What’s your favorite meme? Do you know what memes are and how they’ve influenced the digital landscape? This week in the Hanson Treehouse, Connection Strategist Steve D. gets personal about why he loves memes and what they mean for social brands.
If you appreciate this kind of reflection, please share with your friends and ask them to circle us!  
#meme #onlinecommunities #onlinecommunication 

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Great tips from my friend and colleague, Chris Kujawski.
New Blog Post: 5 Reasons Your PPC Campaigns Are Failing (and How to Improve Them)

Can you name 5 reasons PPC campaigns fail? This week in the Hanson Treehouse, connections strategist and digital media guy Chris Kujawski identifies 5 common mistakes companies make and how they can start getting more out of their campaigns. If you have other tips or personal examples, please leave a comment!

#paid search

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Great post from my colleague, Mindy Withrow!
New Blog Post: Content Strategy for the Little Guy

If you run a website, you have content. But how well is it connecting to your audience? And what if you just don’t have the budget or staff to overhaul it? This week in the Hanson Treehouse, Content Strategist Mindy W. offers a crash course in content strategy designed especially for small businesses, non-profits and other internet “little guys.”


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Latest Hanson Inc. blog post from yours truly.
New Blog Post: What Being in a Band Taught Me About Social Media

Sometimes it’s the seemingly unrelated life experiences that hold the keys to success. Like how life on tour with a band turns into a training ground for social media. That’s what Connections Strategist Steve D. confesses in our latest blog post.

Where have you gained unexpected insights? Share your story!

#socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #music #SM

Something is different here and I can't quite put my finger on it....


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One of my favorite blog posts so far on my company's blog.
New Blog Post: Coming Clean on the Creative Process

Everyone needs more creative problem solving. The good news? There are simple ways to foster creativity. The bad news? They look a lot like goofing off. Our latest blog post from Jen M. (Messaging Strategist) explains why taking a walk or a shower might boost your creative insights.


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Great SlideShare from my agency on Responsive Design.
Slideshare: What is Responsive Design?

Laptop, tablet, smartphone…how do you make a website that delivers content via this variety of devices with so many different screen sizes and resolutions? The answer is Responsive Design. Our latest blog post—a fun slideshare by two of our designers—has the scoop. (Even more fun, you can view it on our responsively-designed website!)

What’s your experience with responsive design?

#interactive design
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