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Elder Smith is HOME!!!!!!
A complete family together again!   p  

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This is MY Mission!
  Elder Zavala (from my group) went home 3 weeks early so he could start his studies this past week. Buenas Tardes! I bet that Dad and Jordan can agree
that at the end of their missions, they still didn't feel that they were going
home soon. To be honest, s...

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I know that I'll be able to leave this area in good hands
Well time keeps on going by and my
time is coming to an end faster and faster. Even though I have a short amount
of time left, we are working hard! At the beginning of the week we really tried
to start it off great and we did just that. We have contacted ma...

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Goodbye to my most favorite companion
Hey ya'll haha as Elder Manley would say. Sounds like you all had an amazing time for the Super
Bowl party!! It seems like 3 months ago that we watched it at Chris's house! I'm
stoked to be there again! Elder Manley got sent to Cajamarca and he is totally

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I'm about to have my 3rd "son."
Mis Queridos Amados! First off thank you Mom for that
wonderful email. Geez make me cry why don't you? Haha no but seriously I love
you so much and I'm so thankful for your guidance and example. I have been so
blessed to have you and Dad as my parents and t...

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I have never done anything so rewarding in my whole life
I'm so happy to hear that you guys
went to the Temple together and were able to do sealings for our ancestors.
That is something that I'm looking forward to doing because I bet the spirit
feels just that much sweeter when you actually do it for your family ...

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Faith=Believe, Trust, and Act
Hey err body! Happy Late Birthday to Grandpa
Howard and Taya!! I hope it was a good one!! I cant wait to be there for family
meeting and wrestle with all the little kids! Bring on the craziness!! We had a cool experience with
Giberto last week. We taught hi...

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A few pictures of Christmas Eve Festivities
  Christmas Eve Dinner Going around caroling to our investigators      Singing in the Plaza of Chiclayo with 3 zones of the mission!!   MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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2015 is going to be a big year for me!
2015 is Here!!!   HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM PERU!! It was so great to talk to you guys
on Christmas and see all of your faces. You all seemed so happy and it sounds
like you all got amazing presents!!! Dad!!! I'm dang jealous of your present
and I am totally stok...

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Hold onto the Iron Rod and never let go
Hola  Well we didn't have to wait too long
for Pday again since it was on Thursday of last week. But I still have things
to say!  There is a pig somewhere inside our building!! Angels and Noeli aren't going to be
baptized on the 17th of January anymore beca...
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