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Sharlim Perdomo (Sharl)
Rican transplant in Phoenix!!
Rican transplant in Phoenix!!

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Yay! Can't wait! 
Paranormal Lockdown Premieres MARCH 4th at 10pm ET on Destination America. Share with family, friends and be a part of Paranormal Lockdown.

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This is so true!

Please don't disturb me when I'm with my family okay?

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If anyone is interested on an AT&T Galaxy S6 Edge feel free to bid. Listing ending shortly. #galaxys6edge #Samsung #att 

Has anyone experienced issues with the Micro SD card on the Note Pro 12.2? I can be in the middle of something and then I get the message that the card has been removed. I have replaced the card 3 times believing that it was a faulty Micro SD. 

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This is just lovely! I can't believe how childish Apple reacted to this situation. Just give away hard cases to everyone and go to sleep!

#apple #iphone #iphone6plus #bendgate 

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FYI! AT&T customers with mobile share value plans of 15 GB or higher. 

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She is awesome!!

This State Department Spokeswoman Keeps Owning Reporters on @NowThisNews

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This just made my day! ROFL!!

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Just got my home line replaced with Ooma. Now I will be saving $50/mo since domestic calls service is free. I only pay less than $4/mo in taxes. Go check it out and you will be able to get the Ooma Telo System for just $99.99 + Free Shipping.
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