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Installed it one on of the sites and I must say I liked it a lot (admittingly I haven't tested any competing products, but find no reason as this was for sure good enough).

It gives you the opportunity to define forms in a very flexible manner.

On my "feature request" list:
# input patterns are a bit restricted.
I couldn't define a fixed part. Say you want to state a registration code which is 10 digits, but the first three are always "345". I found no way yo do that,

# Formatting of the form.
You define the order of the fields and the placement of the labels, but that's it. Size of inputbox, having first end family name on one line etcetera is not possible. It's fully functional, but not possible to make it look a bit better.

# connect to a mailinglist
Having people register in the list is great but it would seem logical to be able to send messages to all those who entered an email address. Possibly an add on feature for the future.

Having complained a bit I must restate that this is really good shit! Warmly recommend!
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