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Day Three: The candy man!
Working in retail full time as a customer service rep. one definitely see's a cast of colorful characters. Today this older gentleman came through the store and he approached me with a gallon of tide. Once I rang him up and went through the typical hey how ...

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Killing anxiety though fiction.
Ready, breath in 3, breath out, breath in 2, breath out, breath in 1, breath out. My third opens to my safe spot a little tropical island on the beach with a beautiful night sky with shooting stars soaring across. I feel the warm sand beneath me complimente...

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Goody goody two-shows a.k.a. be a rebel.
The goody goody two-shoes article speaks of traits that make one a good writer. The author heavily emphasizes that in order to become a great writer one must not set up rules to live by. By that she means that one cannot write passionately it is simply look...
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