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never enough caffeine...

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"Now the enlightened are in control of the characters, some improved control over the XM research and the spoils are to be expected."

A new weapon! A new era!
A vírus, very rare one, that can flip many portals.
The portals must be connected.
The virus will flip portals regarding the xm of the agent and only stops until the xm is 0 (zero).
The links will disappear!
Have a xm cost of a Jarvis and a limit of 100 portals.
The portal will be imune for 1 hour.

The Name of this Virus!?

HERMES virus

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Spring 2017 Schedule
Humanities in Western Tradition Lecture & Discussion Section  3400:210-820/821, MW 5:10-6:25 pm, CAS 138 Humanities in Western Tradition Lecture & Discussion Section  3400:210-830/831, TTh 5:10-6:25 pm, CAS 205 ________________________________________ Req...

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The White Horse of Uffington
Forever broken, this curve of turf, by lines deep carved in centuries of chalk— white as if some crazed garden path circling to nowhere ran amuck among the eternal
sheep.  Sheep farmers with pick and spade, from below in the valley, come as they have always...

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Those Dream Houses
When you dream of houses—of thick-walled stucco bungalows skulking across Sonoma , the gingerbread and bric-a-brac fantasies of New England , or cold
French villas beside greying seas—you should dream, too, of bleached linoleum, unpolished spoons, of dry ta...

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Living in the hour of the wolf
I am tumbling in that awkward moment between the owls and larks, when sleep is held at bay by shadows of things undone and all the could-have-beens, tensed toward morning, still on guard against the nightmare and all her ponies. I have been washed in salt-w...

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A nice note from an editor
Commentary by Full of Crow editor,  Aleathia Drehmer , when asked "Who is your favorite small press poet?" from "eight questions with aleathia drehmer" in Nibble Poems : Man, this is a hard question. I know so many flipping great writers. I do really enjo...

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          You are all
the same to us, solitary,
standing above us, planning your silly
lives. . . . Louise Glück You can argue the finer points of hoe or hand trowel, thrust reluctant fingers into our prickly intentions and pull, but this means nothing to u...

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I am not for Wisconsin
I should have loved Wisconsin more— should have been one with the cows, tried to understand the zen of grass and grazing, the mantra of milk, the cow-pies sprinkled in the chicory like approving punctuation. When the long summer of sheep took me I should no...

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“BlackBerry has come far enough for us to assert that it is bouncing back.” via 451 Research
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