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Nesting Cuckoo Shrike
After an absence of many weeks & a successful move to Brisbane, I'm again able to post to my favourite themes!   Sharing this photo tonight for #birdpoker +Bird Poker  'Beaks' curated by +Phil Armishaw
Also posting for #birds4all +Birds4All hosted by +Walter Soestbergen 
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+Thomas Ryan Photography
thanks heaps Thomas, I've not been on 'air' much lately as my husbands condition isn't good - I've found a lot more Butcherbirds & different honey-eaters down here.  Hope all is well with you.
White Faced Egret

A late post for #birdpoker +Bird Poker Closeups  (Its just rolled past midnight here but I'm sure it is still Sunday in most of the world!)
As always hosted by +Phil Armishaw

This Egret was quite happy to sit calmly on his rock whilst I indulged in lots of photos!

Also sharing for #birds4all +Birds4All  curated by +Walter Soestbergen  and for #birdsinfocus +Birds in Focus curated by +Risto Talman 
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Lovely sharpness and shallow depth of field, nice composition too:)
Willie Wagtail (Rhipidura leucophrys)

These little fellows are common throughout Australia and I thought he would be a good hand to play for #birdpoker +Bird Poker Black & White tonight , curated as always by +Phil Armishaw

Sharing too for #birds4all +Birds4All curated by +Walter Soestbergen and #birdsinfocus +Birds in Focus curated by +Risto Talman 
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many thanks +Rosario Díaz 
The Larrikan

I watched this mating pair of Rainbow Lorikeets for a good half hour.  The male (on the right) was doing everything possible to try and catch the female's interest.  He was quite comical to watch and I have several shots of him in various contorted poses, while the female pretended she wasn't watching at all. His antics must have finally worked though......This pair have now taken up home ownership in one of several nesting boxes that our local Council has set into the trees around the park and have wee chicks.
Tonights hand for #birdpoker +Bird Poker curated by +Phil Armishaw
Also sharing with #birds4all +Birds4All curated by +Walter Soestbergen and for #birdsinfocus +Birds in Focus hosted by +Risto Talman 
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merci bien +Jacques PECOURT 
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Azure Kingfisher

Tonight's shot is not very high in quality but I wanted to share my only capture of an Azure Kingfisher.  These little birds are very shy and are not often seen around habitation.  They are the most beautiful blue on the back and a really bright orange/rufous colour on the breast.  They are native to Australia and New Guinea.  Sharing tonight for #birdpoker +Bird Poker Kingfishers curated by +Phil Armishaw 
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Have her in circles
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Eastern Rosella

I'm sure I've probably shared this photo before, but I thought it fit tonight's #birdpoker +Bird Poker theme of Red so well, I had to give it another airing!   Regards to curator +Phil Armishaw

Also sharing with #birds4all +Birds4All curated by +Walter Soestbergen 
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Très beau cliché et superbe oiseau
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Happy Couple

I was able to get several shots of this pair of White breasted Wood-swallows as they cuddled up on the power lines at the front of my home recently.  This pair have become regular visitors to our garden.   My post tonight for #birdpoker +Bird Poker Blue Background hosted by +Phil Armishaw

also sharing for #birds4all +Birds4All curated by +Walter Soestbergen 
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I took this shot in our Southern Hemisphere Spring +Cergie Lucie Marguerite. These birds seem to be cuddly all year round though :-)
Drying Off

An Australasian Darter sunning him/her self on the riverbank.  Tonights hand for #birdpoker +Bird Poker Birds in their Environment  hosted by +Phil Armishaw

Also sharing for #birds4all +Birds4All  curated by +Walter Soestbergen 
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That sounds like great fun Kim! I'm looking forward to finding some new species to photograph when we get to Brisbane.
Pied Butcherbird

This fellow is an amazing songbird, often considered the best in Australia.  They are known for improvising melodies and have been credited with being the inspiration for human composers.   My post tonight for #songbirdsaturday +SongbirdSaturday  curated by +John Briggs

Also sharing for #birds4all +Birds4All curated by +Walter Soestbergen and for #birdsinfocus +Birds in Focus curated by +Risto Talman 
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Thank you +Judith Crofts
All White

My pure white Cattleya Orchid is out in flower at the moment and has been providing me with some challenges in photographing it without blowing out the white balance and exposure.   It still needs improvement but I'm learning.....thought I would share my results to date.  If you have any hints on how to get this balance better, please feel free to provide them.

This post is for #orchidwednesday +Orchid Wednesday curated by +Christopher Prins 
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ha ha...u r most welcome, have a nice day!
Have her in circles
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Finally Retired!
I'm  a recently retired mum with two adult daughters & a retired partner.   We live in Townsville, tropical North Queensland, and love the lifestyle and weather here.  There is certainly no shortage of photographic material and subjects!
I've loved photography and photo journalling for years and have built up a fairly large portfolio using an old Chinon SLR & a 'point & shoot' Lumix DMC-LZ2  I have finally bought a decent camera (Canon 600D) that I'm using to extend my knowledge & range of  different photography techniques, composition & post processing tricks & tips.    All constructive comments are gratefully received!! 

I have recently joined the Townsville Photography Club, which is proving to be both educational & a great social activity

I am also one of the Moderators for the +Sacred Sunday community on G+

Unless otherwise stated, my photographs are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License:
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    Teaching - Primary, 1976
  • Castlemaine High
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