Ahead of the much anticipated release of his new film Rock of Ages, director Adam Shankman will be hanging out with 8 fans on +Google Play at 2pm PST, Wednesday, May 30th. He’ll talk about the making of the film, working with Tom Cruise, choreography, and of course, your questions.

To be one of the selected fans, circle +Google Play and post your best question for Adam in the comments below. We'll announce the 8 lucky fans soon!

The Hangout on Air will be broadcast from our page, which means you can watch the discussion in real time. In advance, you can check out other Adam Shankman movies available on Google Play:

Hairspray (US and Canada: http://goo.gl/dv2pU, Australia: http://goo.gl/aKG3Q)

The Pacifier (US: http://goo.gl/09i1z, Australia: http://goo.gl/DXirt, UK: http://goo.gl/oataZ)

Bringing Down the House (US: http://goo.gl/dzB7V, Australia: http://goo.gl/bHqtQ)
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