Today’s Surprise: Get free tracks from El-P and Carl Craig (US- and check out a documentary about the collaboration between Moog and Google. 

Synth manufacturer Moog has always been at the forefront of music technology. If you're a fan of progressive music, you’ve probably heard one of their instruments in action. In May 2012, the Google homepage doodle featured a playable Moog synth that became wildly popular -- over 300 million people played with it.

Inspired by the doodle's success, Moog held a contest at their annual Moogfest, where enthusiasts and benders used the Google doodle as the basis for a new sampler. The winning creation was unlike anything we’d ever seen or heard, and we invited the festival's headliners to create or rework songs using it. The resulting tracks and documentary chronicle the peculiar relationship between technology and music, and how each pushes the other in unpredictable, amazing directions. Visit for El-P's free contribution and for an additional track from legendary electronic producer Carl Craig. Come back tomorrow for another surprise!
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