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Struggling to life
"Snake vs Crow" ...frame 4

Things are worsening for my little warrior ...crows are determined to have him in food ...crows strength is increasing ...but my champion is also great ..posses fighting spirit ..I am sure he is not going to surrender easily to this bunch of crows ...he knows he has little chance to survive ..but he is not going to make it so easy for crows

Sometime in the early 1900’s a German fancy leather trader came to India to look for a source of snake skins. . He found out about the hunting prowess of the " IRULAS" tribe in India the great snake hunters and he quickly organized what was to become one of the largest snake slaughters the world has ever known. He started a trade that eventually snowballed into the killing of over 10 million cobras, rat snakes, pythons and Russell’s vipers per year. It wasn’t just Irulas, soon tribal hunters all over the country got into the act but none had the finesse and expertise of the Irulas.

The trade was out of control and probably not sustainable for long. Luckily the combination of local and international outcry killed the bulk of the snake skin industry with the ban on exports in 1976.

However trouble for snakes never end here ..the process of development , myths about snakes..continue to kill millions of snakes every year in India and around world ...

for me.... snakes are the finest animal designed by nature...I am always astonished with the beauty they posses ..with the agility they can move without legs ...the pattern of scales ...the variation in their colour ...made them dear to my heart
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