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After Toyota settled its unintended acceleration problems with the US Government, America’s very own, GMC, seems to be facing that same problem.

What are the problems with GM’s defective cars and what has been causing it? What is GM doing about it? This article tries to answer all of those questions and more.

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How safe it is to ride the trains these days? Is it still convenient enough to ride one? Thanks to +Jonathan Rosenfeld for sharing the news!

#trainderailment #trainaccident #trainaccidentattorneys  
Train Derails at Chicago Airport, Makes It Halfway Up the Stairs!

There were 32 reported injuries—everyone's currently listed in "good" or "fair" condition, according to the Chicago Tribune—in the wake of the derailment, the cause of which is still not known. The effect, though, was quite a spectacle. The train made it almost to the top of the stair/escalator well before it finally stopped.

#chicago #chicagonews #trainaccident  

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Michael Lohan must be one of the unluckiest guys around. After repeatedly bailing her daughter Lindsay out of jail, he, is bailing somebody out of prison for a drunk driving offense.

This time, it’s not Lilo but Kate Major his (for the lack of a better term) “better” half. Ahhh, poor Michael indeed.
#drivingundertheinfluence #DUI

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Tens of thousands of Americans die every year because of motor vehicle crashes. Thousands more get hurt and injured. But there are some positives that we can get from these rather disappointing statistics.

One perfect example is how the state of California fared in its latest Traffic Score Card.
#trafficaccidents #caraccidentattorneylosangeles #trafficsafety  

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This article talks about Toyota's recall woes, and how another automaker succeeded because of these recalls.
#toyotacamry #autorecall  

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How safe are these inventions today? Do you have any of the said features installed in your car? 

BMW, Mercedes and Audi have incorporated a #NightVision #safety feature into several of their newer models. What's next?!

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Light Emitting Diode streetlamps are slowly but surely changing the way we see our roads. Recently, old, energy hog street lamps are being replaced with their economical and more durable LED counterparts.

Are these lamps a welcome addition to our roads? Is it really LED lights’ time to shine?

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After a Raiders cheerleader file a wage and hour benefit claim against the team, another cheerleader, this time from the Cincinnati Ben-gals has suffered the same situation and has just filed a similar complaint.

Are these cases just isolated or are there any other teams who implement this unreasonable policy with their cheerleaders?
#wageandhourclaim #minimumwage #laborlawviolation #attorney  

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Motor vehicle insurance policies are made and implemented to help ensure the safety and protection of car users in the event than any untoward accident happens. But what if the proceeds of these insurance plans are not enough to cover the damage and injuries that, say a pedestrian gets?

Read on as one victim shares her nightmare when she finds out how the loopholes of this unfair current insurance system, makes life after the accident even more difficult for them, instead of helping them.
#pedestrianaccident #vehicleaccidentattorney #pedestrianaccidentvictims
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