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A wedding at Pondicherry

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A     mother's      love      is   patient.
And    forgiving        when     all     others.
Are    forsaking       it     never      fails..
Or      falters.     even      though     the..
Heart      is       breaking..
#happymothersday  .
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Mom's Are Lo♥e Unconditional Lo♥e

Ju$t The Way Yo♥ Are Lo♥ed

Alway$ on your side of Lo♥e

Will Alway$ Put Your Need Before Her Need$

WiLL Alway$ $how Tru$t In You

! ju$t Want you to let you know

You mean whol3 World to M3

You Alway$ $hower Ble$$ing4 on Me

You Alway$ Care When You Away from Me

You Make me feel Lo♥ed

You Alway$ K33P m3 Company

May GoD Ble$$ You

May You Live Healthy N $tronG

May in All Birth I G3T *MOTH3R  LIKE YOU 

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Love ur Mom Alway$, $he is alway$ r!ght, as she is bo$$ of ur life
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