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Thomas Hellesen (Intrinsic)
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Artist / Visionary

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FX work print scale, 8192 x 8192 px. Working on a "rendering" app called FXtuate, both commandline (can be combined with Python, run FX parameters on a bunch of images, also tiling and other operations possible when it takes shape, possibly other than FX and file formats in/out for 3D processing as well, we'll see if I ever release it) and with an interface for windows, might be xplat. For now its a hobby / WIP project.
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Nice game, been a game I have played for a while here. Love Unreal Engine, Epic Games, check it out!

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I think I can channel many different Gods, but I am most comfortable with Khepri, in charge of creation. It might be weird for you that this manifested in an instant, but I like the idea here. What do I do to prove myself as Khepri? And hi "God people" =) I can give a list of what I can be capable of, and if you wish I can prove it. I can speak to people in any dimension having lived whenever, I can manifest larger structures of things at will, I can remove threats to humans too, with a few words =)

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Unreal Match 3 er ganske kult. Sjekk det ut på Google Play Spill. Se om du kan slå poengsummen min.

Considering running a dedicated server from home. I've got a Plesk 12 DS somewhere else, but I can now get 1000/1000 and a fixed IP. Anyone have any links / pricing / how-to? I might move it to a home-based server since it'll be cheaper and a huge hardware/processing/storage boost, broadcasting and more.. Anyone with experiences? Just would like to know.. I've used Plesk since around 2004 or something, but not so much web-virtuoso or as an ISP, just basic management of own domains, maybe apps/cloud-link, more advanced things later (holographic data up/downstream in the AR / VR agenda, ++), cost vs maintainability of local setup, anything..? I have about 10+ sites / projects developing.

I just travel time, as a time traveler. I remove what doesn't work, stuff does upset me, its a long story, but I survive those that hurt me.

"The Future" as some see tech development as devices age and get more powerful, they're still solid devices that are display and data/processing capable, sensing capable and connected as ToT etc. But beyond that, I see in my "crystal ball"? :P Magic pun, well its probably going towards AR and smoother automated interaction through holographic data streams up and down. With Magic Leap having patented parts of my dream it's double-black but if they make it good and I can afford it, I don't care what was. It will enable automation with AI into reality, reality modified real time, and connection will be different than this worlds old flat-surface thinking. Just my 2 cents. #Prometheus #Forethought.

Evolving =)

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The twilight zone, all day every day with random WTF now and then.

It's totally normal, for Solaris. Everything you thought you knew, never was what you ever thought it was, yet the future and the past is #now.
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