I was thinking sometime back about my favorite moment at the #tryton unconference at Liege 2011 ... and without doubt it was when I went ahead to summarize the conclusions of the Full Text search workshop.

As I concluded that it would be best to use postgres itself for the full text search, Albert from NaNtic as though startled, stood up with an expression "This is what I have already done for OpenERP!". Almost immediately he came forward with his laptop and demonstrated how KOO and full text search using postgres works.. and we flooded him with questions and concerns we had. Quickly we realized the presence of a postgres expert in our Tryton community.

I loved the way the TUL 2011 worked and the way all of us could learn from each other. A summary of a workshop turning out to be a discussion, demonstration and forum could perhaps only happen at an "unconference". Thanks again Trytonistas.

A picture from the workshop: http://www.flickr.com/photos/openlabsindia/6335165982/in/set-72157627979889863/lightbox/
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