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Best St. Patrick's Videos for Kids
St. Patrick's is all about the jig, and the stories, singing and dancing. Here are some of the best videos for kids: 1)  Counting with a Leprechaun - Irish rap song that gets kids all caught up, counting their gold by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's, with Silvana Ma...

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10 Tips for a Substitute Teacher
substitute teacher needs hundreds of tips--I know, I've collected them all!  Here are my top ten tips:   1)  Safety is your number one priority.   I'll repeat that: Safety is #1.  That means good behavior management, and
orderly routines. 2)   Stay focuse...

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Number Chart Robots with Bling
Number Chart Robots with Bling... ...were just the thing I needed for my 100th Day of School celebration . I knew kids would be portaging 100th Day Projects twice their size... ...with pieces falling off and needing re-gluing.   So I set up a "Do Now" to gi...

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Life at Home Printables
Life at Home Printables were so useful to me, I'm giving them away, but only to you--my loyal homies: THEY'RE FREE THROUGH PRESIDENTS DAY - and if you do  download them, won't you kindly leave a feedback comment - Thank you! We read Life at Home: Then and N...

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Valentine's Day Paper Bag Robots
Valentine's Day Paper Bag Robots sounded like heaven to me...   ...and to my kids!   A simple card would've been easier for everyone--but not nearly as memorable. This is an action figure.  Kids practiced "talking" with robotic voices, saying " you ...

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Presidents Day Neon Money Banks
Lincoln and Washington never imagined this: Presidents Day Neon Money Banks! ...that I can hang from the ceiling on strings! ...and watch them twirl and dance in the heating system's breeze! So easy to make: I just taped the string through the money bank sl...

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TeachersPayTeachers Sale!
It's all on sale--the whole TeachersPayTeachers store! Teacher resources at 28% off --there's a lotta love here! Please stop by and look around...   I'll see you there!

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$10 Gift Card for Teachers Pay Teachers
Please join me in a $10 Gift Card Giveaway! Simply comment on the Blog Post below -- 7 Keys to a Great Lesson -- or choose another entry point, for more chances to win $10 of great resources for teachers. It's a Rafflecopter giveaway! Thanks for joining the...

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7 Keys to a Great Lesson
A lesson is
an organic thing that grows out of your kids’ needs and abilities.   Here are 7 universal keys to a great modern
mini-lesson.   1)     A
great lesson starts with your learning target.   It’s what you want your kids to master, and it should be fr...

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Valentine's Day Crafts
Valentine's Day Crafts are a great way to celebrate! Sight Word Heart Craft makes a charming necklace, magnet, or keepsake. Number Chart Robots are sooo cool, and don't forget to glue on some bling... And write a love message. Or challenge the gifted kids t...
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