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Exclusive +G+ On Air Interview with +Joseph Puglisi

Joe Puglisi, a former Fortune 500 CIO chats with +G+ Interviews host +Peter G McDermott in a Google+ Hangout On Air. Joe talks about his experience with Information Technology, his blog and the way that technology is constantly changing and how to keep up with the pace.
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I would like to have heard more about encryption as the NSA builds their super-super-super computers and inconceivable storage to store each and every email and every phone call etc. Read the current Wired magazine for more information. To keep ourselves private the military grade encryption systems are readily available. How can they be used etc. Of course I didn't see this live. Might be a truly important interview.
let me do a little research. The author of the Wired magazine article would be perfect but getting ahold of him may be difficult. I'll be back to you after some work I have to do tomorrow. Thanks for the response.
James Bamford is the author of Wired magazines 'Welcome to the Matrix" His email is An invitation from you may be the ticket. I can't find him on G+. You know your business better than I.

I'd like to consult with you about G+ as an interview based business platform as I have something in mind as well. I'd like to borrow your experience when you have time. I couldn't find anyone that I thought would bring the broad picture as well as Bamford. The article is scary as hell if the wrong people get in office.

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