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Jonathan Stevens
I am a Parkinson's sufferer who happens to have a DPhil in Genetics. I am trying to be a writer and explore what Parkinson's means...
I am a Parkinson's sufferer who happens to have a DPhil in Genetics. I am trying to be a writer and explore what Parkinson's means...

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You mustn't be yourself, they say. You must follow our path, for it is the right one. They lie. You must avoid yourself and consume as we do, for it is good. Hide from yourself and be thankful for the hiding places we provide, they declare. Meaning is meani...

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What makes the possible actual?
There are endless
possibilities but seemingly only one actual world that we can experience. Where
are these possibilities if not in the actuality of the world? What makes the
possible actual? It is only with hindsight that we can truly know whether a possib...

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The richest person in the world
Material wealth is immaterial to the true value of the state of your existence. In a world devoid of internal justice the worth you place on yourself is not determined by how much of the world you own nor is it the power you have over other people. These ar...

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Fade out and Fade in again
It is a particular feature of Parkinson’s disease and the
medication (Levadopa) I am taking that my symptoms initially ease when I have a tablet but about three hours later my Parkinson's suddenly comes roaring up to me like a vicious dog. I shrink
back fro...

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The revolution in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper
Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper is one of the most
innovative paintings in the history of art. It is the first deliberately
incomplete painting and therefore the first true psychological painting (it
builds upon the achievement of ambiguity in Van Eyck’...

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An emotional hand grenade with the pin pulled out
I’ve had to deal with the aftermath of three major emotional
explosions in my life. All three involved a period of deep mourning for the
loss of who I perceived I was and eventual reconciliation with myself. It turns
out the explosions took away a perceptio...

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Fragile suspension
After years of driving on rough ground with three heavy
passengers riding in the backseat (stammering, depression and Parkinson's) my
suspension has started to wear out. Whenever I am in a pressurised situation my
problems put on weight and become prominent...

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Where am I?
I get off the train and I don't know where I am. I am nowhere ... I get off the train again but this time I am now here ... I am where I've arrived (no matter how I got here) and I am here right now

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The suffering of a Parkinson’s sufferer
Parkinson's disease is a slow violation of your life;
an inexplicable, unstoppable, defining yet indefinite disintegration of
everything you have built in your life. The suffering comes from the awareness
of the violation and the lack of power to intervene....

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Hold on tight to our Shiny Red Balloon
I We all tightly grasp, The string we attach, To our shiny red balloon The red skin is stretched, Over dark flesh and bone, We are that red balloon We mustn't let go, Before we can know, Whether we will go pop We keep ourselves close, For fear of that stop,...
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