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The cross-platform online RPG with the style of a tabletop roleplaying campaign.
The cross-platform online RPG with the style of a tabletop roleplaying campaign.


Since we're an independent game developer, we're responsible both for improving Conclave and for spreading the word about it.  In recent months we've been keeping our heads down to concentrate on development, but the downside of that strategy is that we've neglected to post about what we've been up to!

So with that in mind, here's a recap of the biggest news:

* Earlier this week we released version 1.1 of the Windows desktop client, which improves the rendering of some of the game's fonts and icons on that platform.

* The Adventurers Hall received a major revamp. It's now easier to recruit players and find parties, and loading the Hall no longer interrupts the soundtrack.

* We remastered the character portraits so that they're truer to the colors in the original art.  We also fixed a few inconsistencies in how certain portraits were oriented and cropped.

* At the same time, the portraits and many other art assets are more compressed than they were before, making the game's screens faster to load.

* The icons for conditions and a few related stats got a total overhaul.  Their new style is closer to the other icons used in the game and easier to distinguish at small sizes.

* The trow starting ability got a new name (Trow Resilience) and an upgrade: it removes the poisoned condition in addition to improving your check rolls until your next turn.

* We added Hardy, a new selectable ability unlocked by Fortitude 8.

* We adjusted the difficulty of the Aerie encounter in Strange Bedfellows.

You can check out details on all of these in the forums (

Looking ahead, our short-term roadmap is still focused polishing the game ahead of its release on Steam.  We hope to have news on that before too much longer.

Happy adventuring!
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It's been a while since we posted an update. Time to rectify that!

If you frequent our forums, you might have already seen the news that Conclave was recently Greenlit for Steam, Valve's digital distribution platform. If not, it's worth checking out our full post about it:

This is a pretty important milestone for the game, and one that in the long run should let us focus more of our time on development and less on raising the funding required for that development.

As part of preparing the game for its launch on Steam, we'll be making a number of improvements over the next couple of months. Among the first we'll be rolling out are some small but noticeable upgrades to the text and graphics of the interface. Here's a glimpse:
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And Linux makes three!

Three platforms supported by the Conclave desktop client, that is. You can find all the versions of the client on our Downloads page:

The Linux version of the client is in beta and requires 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 or later. We hope to support other distributions in the future once we've worked out some of the kinks there.

Meanwhile, Conclave is now in the top 100 games on Steam Greenlight! It's currently #96, and with a little more support it might be approved by Valve in the next batch or two. Thanks to all of you who have voted for the game. Once it's on Steam, Conclave will be exposed to a larger audience than we can reach on our own, and the more players it has, the more time and money we can budget for development of the new features and content we're working on.

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Mac desktop client available; Windows client updated

Today we're taking the wraps off the Mac desktop client! If you're using OS X 10.6 or later, grab it from the Downloads page:

We've also made a new version of the Windows client available for download. Since testing of the previous version didn't turn up any major issues, this update contains only a few behind-the-scenes changes.

Though the client is officially still in beta, we're upping the version number to 1.0 to reflect that it's stable -- knock on virtual wood -- and on par with the existing browser client. Of course, if you run into any issues, please let us know over in the Issues forum (

Meanwhile, we're hard at work on the Linux client and hope to have news on that by the end of next week.  After that, we're looking forward to focusing on new features and content for all of Conclave's platforms.
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If you've been waiting to get +Conclave on your desktop, today's the day: the Windows client is now available as a public beta.

To get it, head over to the new Downloads page:

Playing through the client should be almost identical to playing through your browser. If anything, it should be a smidgen faster.

We've tested the client on Windows 7 and 8. In theory it should work just fine on Vista as well, though we haven't been able to test there yet. If you're using Vista, please give it a shot and let us know how it goes.

Assuming all goes well, we should also have Mac and Linux versions ready in the next few weeks.  After that, we want to get back to spending most of our time expanding Conclave's features and adventures; we've already started some design work there.
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Changes afoot with prices, licenses, and free quests

We're always looking for ways to improve Conclave, and today we're announcing some changes designed to make it available to players with more limited budgets.

First, we've reduced the prices of campaign licenses and guilds in the Store. After running some sales recently, we crunched the numbers and decided that we could lower prices indefinitely. A campaign license for your party is now $12.99, gift licenses are also $12.99, and a guild is $9.99.

Second, on April 14th the Store will start offering a new option: a $7.99 single-player license to complement the existing full-party one. We're calling this a Hero license, and it will let you play the entire campaign solo or with other license owners. Like the Party license, it'll include a 100 Renown bonus for your characters and the ability to respec them; it'll also come with 3 additional character slots, for a total of 5. If you only play solo or would rather have each party member pay his or her own way, the Hero license is worth a look. Gift Hero licenses will be available, and you'll also be able to upgrade to a Party license later if you want.

There's one trade-off we need to make. On April 14th we're also going to reduce the number of quests you can play without buying the campaign. You'll still be able to play the first five quests in the story -- 20% of the game -- completely for free, but the others will require a campaign license. We want everyone to be able to try the game before buying, and we think this is a fair way to do that while keeping our hosting costs manageable.

In other news, we should have the first desktop client ready for beta before long. Expect an announcement on that within the next couple of weeks.

As always, we appreciate your feedback, and thanks for your support.
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Just a quick note: Conclave's winter sale ends Monday, March 10th!

If you've been thinking about picking up the full campaign for yourself or a friend, now is the time. Campaign licenses (and guilds) are more than 1/3 off in the Conclave Store.
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Want to help +Conclave expand?  Vote for it on Steam Greenlight!

If you're not familiar with Steam, it's a very popular service that allows gamers to discover, purchase, and download games to their PCs.  Steam Greenlight allows independent developers like us to submit games for consideration.  If enough people vote for Conclave, Valve (the company behind Steam) will work with us to distribute it to Steam's sizable audience.

This means that if we're green-lit, we'll be releasing a desktop client for Conclave.  We have a working alpha -- it's one of the behind-the-scenes projects we've been working on recently -- and it's pretty much identical to the browser version in gameplay and appearance.  (Technically, it contains its own dedicated browser.)  We expect that anyone who buys the campaign through one version will be able to play it in the other, and players will be able to form cross-platform parties.

Voting for us on Steam Greenlight will have another important benefit for all of you that currently play the game.  As an independent developer, we rely on the support of players to fund future development; the more players that find about and purchase Conclave, the faster we can complete the new quests and features we've got in our queue for you.

So if you can, please take a moment to check out our Greenlight submission at the link above.  Thanks!
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Though we've spent most of our time lately working on behind-the-scenes aspects of +Conclave, today we started to roll out some improvements you can see -- or hear, as the case may be.

First, you'll find that some additional screens such as character creation now play music from Sam Hulick's wonderful soundtrack for Conclave. Sound is still disabled on mobile devices for bandwidth and technical reasons, though we're looking at options for enabling it in the future.

In addition, transitions between some screens should be a little faster and smoother. Expect to see more music and user interface improvements roll out gradually over the coming weeks.

As always, let us know if you run into any difficulties!
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With the holidays rushing toward us like a herd of stampeding urus, we thought we'd improve your gift-giving options by discounting all game licenses in the +Conclave store.  This includes gift licenses as well as items bought for yourself -- that still counts as gift-giving, right?

Through the end of the month, a campaign license is $12 (about 37% off) for your own account and $9 (40% off) when purchased as a gift for someone else.  The Guildmaster add-on is also $9 (40% off).

Hope that makes some of your budgeting decisions a little easier.  Happy holidays!
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