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Cyanogenmod... pretty please give us a usable cm9 for the galaxy note!!!!
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Just installed Stunner ICS on the note.. I don't think I care when Samsung release theirs.. this is excellent.
I second this, bring on cm9 stable. Any othe good ROMs to recommend trying for the note anyone?
Also +Frank Hauptle does the stunner release support the s pen?
I've not found any others I like yet, but ICS Stunner is based on AKOP and its as smooth as butter and I've not found any bugs at all in it. And there is no stuttering or lag at all. 
the s pen certainly works with it. Also comes with freenote and other such apps and you can easily switch between phone and tablet modes of ICS.
Excellent, ill flash it this afternoon and see how it goes. Thanks!
glad to see you liked it as much as I do. Its just so damn smooth. :-)
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