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Why do you hate Canada so much? :(
"A valid zip code is required"
No Pre-register for Canada means no Fiber for Canada I'm assuming?

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I see that #Bacon is trending today.... A friend dropped by with these, a 2ft fridge magnet (it's bacon.) and some bacon maple donuts.. some would say bacon overload.


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+Bell Canada
When will you be going province wide with Fibe?!? Everyone I know that has it, LOVES it. I can't deal with +Rogers Communications for much longer.. the choppy picture on my tv is going to result in me launching my remote through my screen. I've missed one too many goals, and comedic punch lines.

And they're just oh so helpfull about it...

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CALLING ALL CANADIANS - Please Re-Share if Online Privacy is Important to you!
Received a Reply re: Bill-C30 ( the Canadian Online Spying Legislation) from Vic Toews, Parliament Member

TO LEARN MORE VISIT WWW.OPENMEDIA.CA It is important that you contact your representative and help this now. This is our SOPA-equivalent.

Here is the reply (don't have time to go over why it's BS right now, but will cover it later):

Thank you for contacting my office regarding Bill C-30, the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.

Canada's laws currently do not adequately protect Canadians from online exploitation and we think there is widespread agreement that this is a problem.

We want to update our laws while striking the right balance between combating crime and protecting privacy.

Let me be very clear: the police will not be able to read emails or view web activity unless they obtain a warrant issued by a judge and we have constructed safeguards to protect the privacy of Canadians, including audits by privacy commissioners.

What's needed most is an open discussion about how to better protect Canadians from online crime. We will therefore send this legislation directly to Parliamentary Committee for a full examination of the best ways to protect Canadians while respecting their privacy.

For your information, I have included some myths and facts below regarding Bill C-30 in its current state.


Vic Toews

Member of Parliament for Provencher

Myth: Lawful Access legislation infringes on the privacy of Canadians.

Fact: Our Government puts a high priority on protecting the privacy of law-abiding Canadians. Current practices of accessing the actual content of communications with a legal authorization will not change.

Myth: Having access to basic subscriber information means that authorities can monitor personal communications and activities.

Fact: This has nothing to do with monitoring emails or web browsing. Basic subscriber information would be limited to a customer’s name, address, telephone number, email address, Internet Protocol (IP) address, and the name of the telecommunications service provider. It absolutely does not include the content of emails, phones calls or online activities.

Myth: This legislation does not benefit average Canadians and only gives authorities more power.

Fact: As a result of technological innovations, criminals and terrorists have found ways to hide their illegal activities. This legislation will keep Canadians safer by putting police on the same footing as those who seek to harm us.

Myth: Basic subscriber information is way beyond “phone book information”.

Fact: The basic subscriber information described in the proposed legislation is the modern day equivalent of information that is in the phone book. Individuals frequently freely share this information online and in many cases it is searchable and quite public.

Myth: Police and telecommunications service providers will now be required to maintain databases with information collected on Canadians.

Fact: This proposed legislation will not require either police or telecommunications service providers to create databases with information collected on Canadians.

Myth: “Warrantless access” to customer information will give police and government unregulated access to our personal information.

Fact: Federal legislation already allows telecommunications service providers to voluntarily release basic subscriber information to authorities without a warrant. This Bill acts as a counterbalance by adding a number of checks and balances which do not exist today, and clearly lists which basic subscriber identifiers authorities can access.

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Sorry, but it's true.

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ballot number 2!

I love giveaways! And I love +Powerbag! So what could be better than giving away Powerbags?!? If you haven't seen it yet, +John Pozadzides just posted a contest to give away 5 FREE Powerbags! ( But guess what?!? I've got 5 MORE FREE Powerbags to give away too! :)

So, we're going to do this just like John did. In order to enter you just need to do two things:
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And even if you don't win, they've got a special 15% discount set up just for Geek Beat fans (coupon code "geekbeat")!

If you don't know what a Powerbag is yet, watch this video that +John Pozadzides did. You'll see why we love them!

PS - Powerbag hasn't paid us a single cent! We love their products and we just think its great that they love US enough to let us give away some of their gear, and share a discount with our community.

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I'm giving away 5 FREE Powerbags!

Oh, have I got a fun little giveaway for you guys today! Our friends over at +Powerbag, who make some of the coolest backpacks on Earth, have given me 5 Powerbags (worth up to $179 each!) to just give away however I want! So, you KNOW I'm going to give them to you guys on Google+!

Here is all you need to do to win:
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That's It! Simple, huh?

Ok, some of you know that I often give you a second chance to enter to win, so here it is - make sure and circle +Powerbag, and you've got an additional entry! :-) God, this contest is just too easy… And I'll announce the winners on Monday!

EDIT: Holy Jeepers Batman - a THIRD chance to win! +Cali Lewis has ANOTHER 5 FREE Powerbags to give away! See her post here:

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PS - Powerbag hasn't paid us a single cent! We love their products and we just think its great that they love US enough to let us give away some of their gear, and share a discount with our community.

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+Bobbi Jo Woods +John Pozadzides

The original Zombie wedding cake!
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