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Vishesh Unni Raghunathan
Poet not a Rhinoceros
Poet not a Rhinoceros

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Tell me my name, So I never forget. Remind me who I'm, Lest I become someone else. Tell me our love, Hold my hands and never let go. Let me look into your eyes, To find my better self, evermore. Tell me your name, In whispers, slowly. Let us abandon, The me...

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Tonight, can we forget our politics, Can we forget the different things we believe in, the Gods we worship and don't. Tonight, can we feel ourselves to be human, Can we let silence dance and tickle our senses a bit? Tonight, can we have a moment of quiet on...

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To hold the world in the palm of your hand, To see tomorrow as a dream, To wake up to find yourself as infinity, To be I, To be you, To be. Belief lasts, as long as you choose to, And the world is all you believe it to be. Life's but a waking dream, Infinit...

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What remains is the first light through the storm clouds, And a heavy sigh of an old lady with ten sons Who are nowhere, but a daughter who left her husband. Plunder, and the world shifts, dried blood in the sands Are swept around in swirls of remorseful hi...

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Silences. The moment as the page turns, And awaits a-lay; The breath in abeyance, The verse to be sung, lingers in suspense; Silence. Yours. And mine. As the shimmer in your eyes, In the looking-glass, as you smile. When you let the hug linger, Squeeze in c...

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Forget me and my name,    And the rocks shall turn to sand;    Through the sands of time      with a sieve you may search,     And in the murmur of the waves     hope to find,                                         Me, and a name,    I. When all is gone,  ...

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I Does it matter if it s a ship or a city?             From up here, they are just a clutter of light, Floating in the nothingness, of a moonless night. I lay back and watch the sky, A blanket of stars, giving way to morning light. olin vazhiyo iruvidham, K...

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I Evanescence, A lifetime to forget  everything you ever held close, Framed and boxed away like old photograph, To be found in a rubble, as antique inheritance, By a child still with innocence. II Those you held in tight embrace, With love and trust, are fa...

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But, it could be ours
   A scrawl in the margin of a tattered book- And memories tinted in yellow antique lights,               Play deep in your irises;                                       And in mine,                         our love.            In abeyance, we could live,  ...

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Sorrow's embrace
Sorrow's embrace; The long silence of a full moon night- The reading light, a mature whiskey to bitter moonshine. Stillness, Sans the sound of the ceiling fan, The aircon. a whimpering ghost behind dusty curtains. You,            You,                      Y...
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