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Tara Pohlkotte
writer. mother of two sweet souls. lover of simple beauty.
writer. mother of two sweet souls. lover of simple beauty.

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      "It is the time of the Storycatcher. It is the time when those who understand  the value of story and practice of connection Have an essential role to play...   In return, we speak, we write... we are heard.   Storycatchers invite the stories we most ...

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Do Less. Be More.
Each new calendar year brings with it a season of reflection
and renewal to live my life in healthier and more meaningful ways.    It only takes mere minutes for me to
compile a list full of things that I wished I did more: exercise, sleep,
volunteer;  and ...

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15 books to read in 2015.  #reading  

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15 Books to Read in 2015
 Books are my currency.  My jam.  They are how I learn about life and expand my understanding of the human condition to situations and personalities that are not my own.  There has not been one single more important influence to my life than what I've lear...

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On the power of showing up. even when we risk failure. 

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On Showing Up
September is definitely over. My son's toe has bust through his back-to-school shoes, the lunch boxes already have a permanent unidentified sticky substance in their corners, and our pencil erasers are worn and uneven. As I watch my daughter fight hard with...

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I'm talking about what i found to be the biggest gift of  #mileofmusic  to be.   #mileofmusicfest  

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Some have asked, so here's the original poem I wrote and read to kick off #mileofmusic  's Women Shine Concert at +foxcitiespac.  What a beautiful night of celebrating creative women.

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We Are, Women
Original poem that I wrote and read to open the Mile of Music Festival's Women Shine Concert at Appleton's Performing Arts Center. The
World will try to contain us. They
will assign words to our fluid beings. Our
story – if we women let them, will
be define...
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