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Justine Jordan
I work at Litmus and am pretty much obsessed with email marketing and design.
I work at Litmus and am pretty much obsessed with email marketing and design.

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I've always been impressed by LinkedIn's smart and creative use of triggered/data-driven emails. This one in particular caught my eye.
Did you know that 25% of people unsubscribe from emails because they find the content irrelevant? LinkedIn uses relevant content to capture their readers' attention - check out our latest inspiration post about one of LinkedIn's great emails! 

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Need a new gig? Want to help make awesome tools that help email marketers? Litmus is looking for a UI designer, .NET developer and Ruby developer. Join our passionate and growing team!

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For those that ever wondered why emails sometimes break (no, it's not always crappy HTML support or a bad rendering engine). This infographic is for you.

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What's the best way to code background colors for email?

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Had an excellent turnout and lots of great questions from my "Email + Mobile" webinar with +Chris Studabaker today! Slides are available for viewing at Slideshare, with a recording to come!

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Shameless plug for a new blog post. This couldn't have been possible without the thought leadership of others in the email community. I'm looking at you, +Anna Yeaman +Chris Studabaker

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Just published the latest and greatest client market share stats! Happy to share this beautiful infograph based on Litmus' Email Analytics aggregate data (over 1.5 billion opens!)

Some fun observations: a massive increase in mobile device opens (150% in the last six months alone!). A dip in webmail opens: almost 20%. Desktop remained steady with a slight decline of almost 2%. Was also surprised to see the relatively slow adoption of newer versions of Outlook.

Also took a look at browser preferences for webmail users. IE still takes the cake for Yahoo! and Hotmail users, but Gmail users are in a near 3-way tie led by Firefox and Chrome.

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Let's get email back in the spotlight at SXSW 2012! Add comments, ask questions, elaborate on how awesome our speakers are, etc. Your interaction helps prove that these topics are worthwhile!

What's More Dead: Email or Startups Without It?

Do Constraints Help or Hurt Creativity?

Why Email Is For More Than Just Zombies

Solving Design Problems with Media Queries
The proposals below reflect the collaborative efforts of +Rory Carlyle +Josh Nason +Grey Garner +Sarah Hodges +Dean Shortland +Chris Studabaker +Kristina Huffman +Alex Williams +wacarra yeomans +noah kagan and many others...

Thank you for your support!

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I love the consistent and clear voice of the design community as they protest The Huffington Post asking for free icon design. The comments say it all...

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HTML5 video capability confirmed when using Hotmail in Chrome. Way cool!
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